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3 Tips on How to Cut Dog Nails

While no dog enjoys having their nails clipped, all dogs may learn to tolerate the process. Dog Nail cutting can...
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Supporting Your Dog’s Physical Rehabilitation

Dogs undergoing physical therapy sessions can heal from wounds or surgeries more swiftly and with wider range of motion. Additionally,...
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Glucosamine – Supplement for Dogs

A glucosamine-chondroitin combination is the most commonly suggested joint supplement for dogs with osteoarthritis, but fish oil is not far...
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A Dog Chiropractor: What Is It?

To reduce discomfort and increase range of motion, a dog chiropractor can adjust your dog's joints. A dog chiropractor would...
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How to Train Your Dog on a Treadmill – 7 Tips

When the weather is bad, a dog treadmill can come in rather handy for keeping your dog busy and content.When...
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9 Fantastic Jobs for Dog Lovers

It's said that you will never work a day in your life if you pursue your passion. And since dogs...
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7 Simple Tips to Dog-Proof Your Yard and Home

Living with dogs, particularly a new puppy, teaches you rapidly how quickly your house becomes one giant chew toy and...
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The Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Both Physical and Mental Health

Pets that support you emotionally and enhance your health are called therapy dogs. To help both yourself and other people,...
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5 Smart Environment Technologies to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

A smart environment can help you keep your dog safe and happy. Beyond simply caring for their animals, pet owners...
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Dog Obesity, and Why they can’t have Surgery or Braces

Hey guys, this is Nikki Lead Veterinary Technician with Posh Dog knee Braces, and today I would like to talk...
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How to stop the prey drive in a dog

One of the key causes of dogs' passion of chasing other animals is their prey drive. Our veterinarians can offer...
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Dog Knee Injury? Brace Yourself:

After knee injury surgery, custom braces can benefit your dog and in certain cases, can take the place of surgery....
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Braces for Dogs with a Torn ACL

The best ACL/CCL brace for a dog is custom-made and sturdy. Absolutely, custom-made braces can be a great solution for...
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Only consume meals when I am there, why does that happen?

Does your dog receive a meal before you leave for the day but hold off on eating it until you...
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How to Make a Dog Gain Weight – 3 Tips

A dog meal with a larger calorie level is the best for dogs to gain weight. Adding more meals to...
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Harnesses for Dogs

Hey guys!  This is Nikki, Lead Veterinary Technician with Posh Dog Knee Braces.  Today let’s talk about harnesses, and when...
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Canine Healing Methods for Injured Dogs – 12 Frequently Used

Healing injured dogs involves a combination of veterinary care and supportive measures at home. Always consult with a veterinarian for...
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12 Home Treatments for Injured Dogs

While home treatments can be helpful for minor injuries or as supportive measures alongside veterinary care, it's crucial to consult...
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How many Hours a Day Should My Dog Wear the Brace?

Hi guys, this is Nikki Lead Veterinary Technician with Posh Dog Knee Braces, and today let’s discuss how many hours...
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Elbow Brace – How do You Know When Your Dog Needs Ones?

Hey guys, my name is Nikki, and I am the Lead Veterinary Technician with Posh Dog Knee Braces.  Today let’s...
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