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What Leads to Dogs’ Sudden Hind-Leg Weakness?

Any number of ailments might result in a dog's hind-legs losing strength. The following hints will help your veterinarian identify...
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7 Typical Dog Arthritis Symptoms

Age-related osteoarthritis affects many older dogs, as well as some larger breeds who are genetically predisposed to it. Dogs that...
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12 Signs Your Dog Is in Pain, and What You Can Do to Help

Signs your dog is in pain. The idea is to be aware of your dog's typical movement and react swiftly...
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Dog Knee Recovery Without Surgery – #1 Important Read

Dog Knee Recovery Without Surgery By Rosemary Levesque, Licensed Spiritual HealerSecond Nature Healing®https://secondnaturehealing.comRosemary@secondnaturehealing.com or call directly 503-747-3307 The following article...
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How to Socialize your Dog as an Adult – Effective Ways

The majority of dog owners are aware that socializing a dog is best done when the dog is still a...
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Dog Acupuncture – #1 Must Read!

Today we will be talking about dog acupuncture. The treatment is effective, especially for canines with arthritis or neurological issues,...
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A Dog’s Knee Injury – Important Read!

Dog knee injuries may have some correlation with poor conformation, but a dog's weight, health, and activities all have a...
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How to socialize your pet with others – 3 Ways

You must socialize your dog with people if you want him to be hospitable to both friends and family. Here...
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It's time to focus once more on the chocolate in your home with Valentine's Day quickly approaching. After all, it's...
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Dog Limping Front Leg – #1 Must Read!

Hey guys, let’s talk about your dog limping front leg issues today, and reasons this may happen.  This can be...
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Can You Dig It (Not!)? How to Handle a Dog Who Digs in a Place You Don’t Want Him To – MUST READ

Give your dog a designated digging area and restrict him unsupervised access to the areas where you don't want holes...
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Braces for Dogs – Important #1 MUST READ

Hey guys, let’s talk about different braces for dogs that are out there.  We will go over the cheaper, over...
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Happy Tail Disorder – MUST READ!

When dogs wag their tails and strike objects with them repeatedly, they commonly suffer from this dog tail injury. Nobody...
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9 Best Tips for Potty Training your Puppy to Prevent Accidents at Home

One of the first things you'll do to help your dog adjust to his new home is potty training, and...
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What Causes Dogs to Kick Grass? – #1 Important Information

After they poop, dogs will occasionally use their hind feet to scratch or kick the ground. Give them freedom to;...
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How Often Should You Feed Your Dog!

How frequently to feed your dog is one of the most contentious topics in the world of dog owners. Do...
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Can Dogs Consume Dairy Products and Drink Milk?

Without any negative consequences, milk and other milk-based foods are enjoyed and beneficial by many dogs. If you want to...
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7 Safe Tips on How to Properly Bathe a Dog

Here is the best advice and tips on how to bathe a dog, from selecting the right shampoo to washing...
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Why you should always do research before adopting from a breeder

Hey guys, today let’s discuss hips and joints, and why it is so important to do your research if adopting...
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Choosing Conservative Management, is it the right fit for you? – Important Information

Hey guys!  This is Nikki, Lead Veterinary technician with Posh Dog Knee Braces, and today I would like to discuss...
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