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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Please Take A Few Minutes to Read These And Learn About Posh Dog Knee Brace FAQ’s, Terms And Conditions. Please Review These Completely. By Ordering From Us, You Acknowledge That You Have Reviewed This Page, And Agree To All Of Our Straightforward Terms And Conditions.
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Here are our most Commonly Asked Questions About Our Dog Knee Brace


Q: Are your dog knee braces individually custom crafted by experienced orthotic technicians?


Each custom Posh Dog Knee Brace is handmade and or overseen by a team member with at least fifteen years of experience with fabricating/fitting custom orthotics, and over a thousand dog knee braces.

Unlike some other companies, we DO NOT use temporary interns in training, To make a brace that will help your dog recover from a serious and painful orthopedic condition. Certainly, you would have a veterinary student intern caring for the general health of your dog, would you? Just like our own dog, Pasha, we have only a seasoned professional making a CCL brace for your dog. Your dog also deserves what we deliver. THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CARE.

Q: Are your dog braces flexible, comfortable and constructed to fit each leg?


Our custom crafted “Flexi-Shell” stifle brace comfortable fits your dogs anatomy, and does not easily slip or migrate. Our unique, flexible, tibial and femoral shells accurately conform to the shape of your dogs’ leg, without any rubbing, irritation, pressure points, etc. Other brace companies still make their dog leg braces the archaic old fashioned way: out of rigid plastic. Their braces don’t fit nearly as well as ours, and have serious fit, rubbing, and irritation issues. We overcame those issues years ago.

We custom make a “hock wrap” which helps keep our braces in place on the leg. Unlike other CLL braces, a Posh Dog Knee Brace does not constrict the Achilles tendon. Other braces have chronic slippage problems, since they still try to anchor their $950-$1,200 + dog braces with uncomfortable, inexpensive Velcro straps pulled painfully and tightly over the Achilles tendon of your dog’s leg. Their inexpensive straps constantly collect hair, dirt & debris & need frequent replacement.

Atrophy? No problem. Our shells expand as hypertrophy occurs on your dog’s leg from regular exercise (Regaining Muscle Mass).

Q: What is your state of the art quick connection and release system?


We use an expensive precision quick-connected ladder strap and Olympic quality micro buckle fastening system, which has a lifetime warranty against failure (Excludes sub-freezing temperatures on ladder straps – replacements available for a very small charge). Our dog leg brace for CCL injuries is the only one built with this precision connection system, also found on high-end snow sports and water sports equipment.

Unlike the cheap velcro used by every other custom dog leg brace maker, to increase their profits. Our ladder straps DO NOT collect hair, dirt, debris. And can easily be rinsed clean. With us, you get what you are paying for.

NOTE: Due to their smaller size, dogs under 30 lbs, or dogs with very short legs, may alternatively receive one or two, and/or high quality velcro and different pads, as buckles may be too large for small or short-legged dogs.

Q: What is the effective suppression of the “tibial trust”? – The core of the problem


The crux of the CCL injury is the loss of stability that occurs when the cranial ligament “CCL” [a/k/a ACL] is damaged. The top of the tibial shell [Lower part of brace] is a critical component of a dog knee brace, which suppresses the unwanted and painful forward movement of the tibia bone [Shinbone].

Some other dog knee brace manufacturers inexplicably cut out this critical component, and then replace that vital piece of orthotic foam and plastic with: 1. a cheap Velcro strap, 2. a pig metal loop, and 3. a $1.50 thin polyester pad which stays wet in humid conditions. We tried several of these poorly designed stifle braces years ago with our golden child pasha, and achieved poor results.

Because we never remove this critical part of the tibial shell structure, a posh dog knee brace achieves better suppression of the tibial thrust than any brace on the market today.

All of our posterior [Rear] waterproof foam pads are custom made by us specifically for the anatomy of your dog’s leg. They adjust in a second and DO NOT collect hair or dirt like polyester.

Q: What is a double reinforced tamarack hinges and custom strut system?


We custom build double reinforced, externally mounted “tamarack brand” energy absorbing hinge/joint assemblies. Only posh dog knee brace mounts our hinge joints on two layers of plastic, which, compared with other braces, provides superior strength and integrity of the posh dog knee brace at critical stress points, and greatly reduces the chance of the hinges ever breaking. Our brace is stronger and longer lasting.

Q: Is the dog knee brace waterproof?


We make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Our brace is made for marine environments with high quality parts like corrosion-resistant/stainless hardware using upgraded rivets and Chicago screws. Since lots of dogs love the water, our entire brace is waterproof and rust-proof.

We use upgraded orthotic foam to line the inside of every posh dog knee brace, to make our brace very comfortable for every dog.

Q: Is the dog knee brace Adjustable?


Only a posh dog knee brace can be adjusted by any two dog’s parents with a phillip head screwdriver.

Every one of our customers gets a live video call with one of our experienced veterinary technicians. We can remotely adjust, via Facetime (Apple) or Skype, over 12 different settings. Including strap lengths, femoral shell angle, tibial shell angle, and more – usually in less than ½ an hour.

This means we can tweak your posh brace in the comfort of your home, and greatly reduce the need to send it back for modifications. No one else, anywhere, has this innovation.

Q: Why do you say there is no vet needed, for casting or fitting?


We are the only custom dog stifle brace company who has eliminated the archaic, inefficient, inaccurate, flawed and expensive casting nightmare which we went through ourselves 3 years ago. As discussed, we do not need a vet to adjust the fit of our brace. Just watch our video on how to use the custom posh brace, and if you need a little guidance, we will Skype you [or face time]. It is included with the posh brace.

Feel free to show your vet how well a posh brace is built, and how your dog is healing – with NO surgery.

Q: Do you use the best parts needed? And do you stand behind your product?


LIFETIME warranty on 1. Tamarack joints, 2. Micro buckles and ladder straps, 3. Femoral [Upper] and tibial [Lower] shells, 4. Strut system. If it breaks: we fix it fast and free [You pay shipping both ways]

If your dog chews up the brace, we can usually repair it for around $100.00 – $350.00 (Wear only during supervision).

Q: We care for your dog, just like your dog was ours!


The way we see it: your dog is our actual customer. We have been through the fear of contemplating the horrible and risky surgery on our 11 year old golden angel, Pasha, in 2013. We ourselves were exactly where you are now. We’ll help your dog and be your friend during this stressful time. We know firsthand exactly how you feel.

We have a much different perspective than any other dog knee brace company. When we first speak with you, you will talk with a company principal, not an employee our employees are quintessential dog lovers, or they are not part of our rapidly growing company.

Each and every posh dog knee brace is made with proprietary methods, only the best of everything, and A LOT of love for YOUR “pasha”.

Q: Do you have a referral program?


We will send you $25 for EVERY time you save another dog from the dreaded surgery by sending us a new customer.  We have sent rewards to customers who did not even know they were coming in their mailbox. It’s our way of saying. “Thank you, a lot!”

Q: What is the price of a custom crafted posh dog knee brace?


We have the most affordable price for a fully upgraded custom stifle brace at only $945, [slightly more for extra large dogs and shipping]. Remember that you don’t have to pay the $150 – $600 fee vets charge for making a cast or for a fitting for dog orthotics, as other dog knee brace companies require.

After reading our Order a Brace page and our real Testimonial page, we believe that you’ll agree that you cannot get a better quality, better made, better fitting, more adjustable dog brace for an ACL tear than a posh dog knee brace. Just compare our state-of-the-art stifle brace v. all the rest. See all the upgraded extras which we include on our “Order a Brace” Page.

Q: Are there other costs associated with getting a dog knee brace?


Not with us. Unlike any other dog brace manufacturer, we use state-of-the-art technology and have eliminated the traditional casting requirement. You no longer have to try to find a vet to make a cast at an additional cost of $200 to as much as $600 (anesthesia/CBC/labs etc).

We make a video call and then help you get 10 simple measurements and 4 pictures of your Dogs’ leg (requires at least a 24 hour notice and the customer must be fully prepared first by watching a video and reviewing our measurement paperwork (takes 2 people about 30 minutes). Then, using our proprietary, patent pending system, we use software to convert that data into a mold that we make, from which we build an extremely comfortable, flexible custom brace for your dog.

Requiring a cast from the vet or a customer is the old school way of doing things. Around here – we innovate.

We also do NOT need a vet for fitting and we send your dogs’ stifle brace to you along with easy-to-follow fitting instructions. If needed, we include a free 20 minute Skype call for fitting guidance (via internet on a free Skype program on your laptop with an HD webcam). Our dog leg braces are made to fit that they do not require a vet to “fit” them. Please consider the hidden costs and policies of other companies’ before you order from them.

Q: How do I place an order to start helping my dog recover?


Just go to our store and order your brace and go through the steps, and we will call or email you as soon as we receive your order (weekdays) to schedule a measuring call with you. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Care Credit, and offer a $50 discount for payment with a USPS money order, if someone would like to use Care Credit or a USPS money order, please email poshintake1@gmail.com for more information. All payments are due in advance, prior to your measurement call.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I ever need a second posh dog brace?


Yes – unlike any other company, we offer a discount of $75 dollars for the second brace, regardless of when you need one. Also we express ship every brace purchase.

But let’s say your dog has made a full recovery wearing our brace, and then injures the other leg (CCL). We recommend that your dog wear the posh brace for a period of 12 months. Then, after 12 months, we can convert the brace for the other leg, for about half the cost of a new brace. No other dog stifle brace company can do this and save a customer from having to spend the full amount on a new brace.

Our innovative company is the only one who can rebuild and convert an existing posh brace to fit the other leg of your dog, should your dog sustain an eventual injury on the other leg, rather than making an entirely new brace (This saves you around five hundred dollars). The cost for this conversion is $450 and includes a complete refurbishment at the same time.

Q: How fast can you get a posh brace to me?


Usually, within 1-2 business weeks, after you send us the measurements and pictures we need. Then we send it via 2 day USPS priority mail. (International shipments will be delayed a bit by customs. This is at least 7 – 10 days faster than any other company selling a custom stifle brace for dog knee injuries. We have taken at least 10 days or more off the time it once took, to get any custom dog stifle brace on your dog, since we alone have removed the archaic casting requirement.

In fact, by the time the other custom dog knee brace for ACL injury companies get their archaic casts sent back to them to start their 2 week manufacturing process; we already have a precisely made posh dog knee brace in the mail to you! International shipments. Since international shipments go through customs which can delay delivery up to ten days, we usually accelerate those braces for dog ACL injuries going outside the USA to prevent delays.

If you live close to the border [Quebec/Vancouver] we can send the brace to a border destination and you can pick it up without waiting for customs delays.

Q: How do you make a custom brace without a cast from my vet?


Some dog knee brace companies are telling dog patents that the only way to make a correct mold of a dogs’ leg is with a cast. Up until almost two years ago, that was mostly true. After a year of research, development and testing, our innovative company figured a few considerations about the out-dated casting requirements still used by everyone (but us).

Price: depending on whether your vet is honest, they will charge you $100 to as high as $600 for “anesthesia, lab work, x rays” etc.

Effectiveness: The first vet who made a cast of our dogs’ leg was highly recommended by western brace company in May 2013. That vet made a cast which was defective, unnatural, and incorrectly molded our dogs’ leg, which was 30 degrees outward during the casting appointment, and the brace which we paid for and we received never fit correctly. DOf with a CCL injury will often tilt their injured leg outwards from their body to mitigate pain.

Remakes of defective casts: Recently we were contacted by a customer who intended to use a competitors brace. That person paid for a casting kit, then paid the vet made the cast, then sent it overnight to my pets brace. Total charges exceeded $285. The computer brace then advised the customer that the cast was not correct, and told them to pay for another kit and another vet fee.

This loving dog parent contacted us; since we have eliminated the dog knee cast process. Because of the delay, she had already endured from competitor brace and her former vet, we rushed her order, with no extra rush charge. Six days later, her dog was wearing our posh CCL dog leg brace, which fit beautifully.

With our patent pending, proprietary system, you need not worry about any of these problems. Just expect a truly custom fit like no other dog knee brace manufacturer can deliver, in half the time. Our company own by dog parents, not dog “owners.” Your dog is our customer, and our priority.

Making our measurements is very easy and takes less than 30 minutes with us on a video call: so easy that any lay person can take simple measurements we need, along with 4 pictures. If you do it yourself, you only need a soft measuring tape, watch our measuring video, and read our instructions we send [after payment]. We do not require that you or your vet make a cast of your dogs’ leg, because we make an accurate mold of your dogs’ leg without using a casting impression.

You just send us the measurements and pictures, then, using technology and our software program, we use our proprietary system to convert that data into an extremely accurate mold of your dogs’ leg. It took over a year of research, development, and testing to launch our groundbreaking system. Since mid-2015, we eliminated casting with great results! See our testimonial page. Our posh brace fits better than any other company.

From there, we make the custom dog stifle brace for your dog which fits even better than what we used to make when we relied upon casts sent to us. As we have said: old fashioned, obsolete casts, even from vets, are often quite defective and do NOT reflect the correct topography and anatomy of you dogs’ leg provided by our software system.

We hope that you understand, but please do not ask us questions or specifics about our patent pending proprietary methods, processes, techniques, software, etc. as we will be unable to answer them. We closely guard that sensitive information from competitors [proxies for same] and outsiders. It took us a lot of time and capital investment to develop our unique system. We are happy to answer any general questions 🙂

Q: Will a posh brace help my dog with a completely torn ligament?


Yes, our own beloved dog Pasha, had a complete rupture of her CCL [ACL] in 2013, as well as a severely damaged medial meniscus, which we could her cracking from 25 feet away. Our former “vet” insisted that pasha MUST get the $5,000 TPLO surgery immediately and that “knee braces do not work.” Then, after further questioning, this “vet” admitted that she had never even seen a dog knee brace. Of course and fired this “vet”after that meeting. In fact, Pasha made a total recovery within 9 months, of both her stifle as well as the damaged meniscus, with NO surgery.

At least 1 in 3 of our customers have complete CCL [ACL] ruptures, and still “scar up” i.e. develop scar tissue in their knee [stifle] which help stabilize the leg, by wearing a dog knee brace, conservative management and supplementation. If your vet is telling you that “the ONLY treatment for CCL [ACL] is surgery,” well your vet is placing profits over patients. Find a vet who loves animals, and does not put profit before patients.

A stifle brace for an ACL injury positively should be prescribed post-operatively by a competent vet, just as human orthopedic surgeons do virtually 98% of the time, if they even do surgery on a similar ligament in a person, and AFTER bracing therapy, conservative management and physical therapy is first completed.

Q: Should my dog wear the posh dog brace all day?


Posh dog knee brace is the only dog brace for a torn knee ligament which uses a flexible shell and frame system, instead of the rigid and problematic inflexible plastic all other dog leg brace companies still use. Our patent-pending design is called our “flexi-shell” system. Our braces are fabricated from high grade professional orthotic materials which dramatically reduce irritation, rubbing and other fit problems still experienced by the other stifle braces made by other companies.

Our flexi-shell frames allow for total conformation of your dog’s leg, without losing any of the structural integrity of the device, which suppresses the tibial thrust while correctly aligning the femur and tibia bones.

We recommend that your dog wear our brace during physical therapy exercises such as walking and periods when your dog is more active. Most older dogs lay around for much of the day, in which case the brace is not needed all day. Yet other dogs with ACL tears are more active. If you have a younger dog who is still quite active, then bracing may be appropriate more frequently during the day, under supervised conditions. The posh dog knee brace is needed during any activity, including: using stairs at anytime, walks, playing around, etc.

Only one other company actually recommends that a dog wear their custom made brace for an unnecessarily long 18 hours PER day. Our opinion regarding usages is quite different. We know that many dogs cannot tolerate such excessive and unnecessary wearing time. This other company states that their $1,200 dog knee brace should be worn: “ALL DAY – EVERYDAY.” Dog leg braces made by other companies which are worn “all day – everyday” can create irritation, chafing, open sores, and can be comfortable for your dog.

Use our brace only when it is needed during exercise and activity, not for 12 – 18 hours a day. If your dog does not chew on the brace, you may leave it on for longer periods. Doing conservative management for your dog with a torn CCL, is a critical part of the recovery process.

When you take your dog outside for a potty break, you should keep your dog leashed for 3 – 4 weeks after the initial injury, until the knee starts naturally healing. Using a brace for a potty break when your dog is leashed is not necessary. Leashing prevents your dog from chasing things like lizards, birds or just running around and stressing the injured leg. Then after some healing has occurred, you can likely abandon the leashing for potty breaks, and put the brace on instead, so your dog can use your backyard as a play spot.

You can resume short walks with your dog, while using our brace, usually within a week after the initial injury. As time goes by, you can increase the distance of the walks. Many dogs walk for over an hour each day within a few weeks of wearing our brace.

Q: Other companies require paying a vet to “fit” their braces. Do I have to pay a vet to fit a posh dog knee brace?


No – we absolutely do not need a vet to fit our fully adjustable, flexible shell posh brace. Part of our set of service includes having our superb veterinary technicians, who have each fitted hundreds of beautiful dogs with posh braces, do a live video call with you right after you get our brace, and adjust the fit to be correct and comfortable. Our posh brace is the only custom dog knee brace which is so adjustable.

We do not require that anyone pay a vet to “fit” our brace. Other companies require this, because their braces are very difficult to fit, and cannot be adjusted by the dog parent [owner]. After seeing how it works, which we’ll show you, our brace for a dog ACL injury is as easy to put on and then remove, as a sock and a tennis shoe.

Our custom stifle brace is easy to fit by anyone in addition to simple, easy to follow instructions, as well as a detailed fitting video, a posh dog knee brace is made to be flexible and adjustable which allows our brace to conform to the shape of your dogs leg much better than any other stifle brace. We also include a free 20 minute Skype call to offer adjustment and fitting guidance, with two people present on your end.

You’ll love how our dog brace fits your dog, and how easy it is to connect and remove, as well as all the love we put into each brace we’ve been through a CCL injury and full recover with our brace on our golden baby, Pasha, so we understand this experience. That’s why your dog is like an extended member of our family!

Q: How many months will my dog have to wear the posh brace?


Generally, around 9-12 months – a few hours each day during activity. The actual duration depends on several factors: 1. The dog itself (each patient is different) 2. The amount of conservative management “CM” followed by the dog parents 3. following correct CM protocols, and 4. increased intake of supplements beneficial to joints, joint viscosity, and synovial fluids (see our blog tab – about 2⁄3 of the way down – for “pashas CCL supplements”).

The stifle joint needs time to develop scar tissue to help replace the former stability of the damaged dog knee ligament. Using the foregoing factors, a dog with even a complete cranial cruciate ligament injury, can recover as well as, or better than, the hundreds of thousands of dogs who have the risky and debilitating dog knee surgery each year.

Our advanced dog knee brace offers all of the benefits, with none of the concomitant surgical issues, which include at least a 35% chance of one or more of the following TPLO / TTA / LSS / excap failures, infections, osteosarcoma [bone cancer TPLO] 90 + days of being confined, severe depression for your dog and much more.

Get a posh dog knee brace, and begin the recovery process in a week, with zero risk!

Q: Will your dog stifle brace fit if my dog has atrophy or is growing?


Atrophy or loss of muscle mass in the injured leg, occurs very quickly in many dogs suffering from CCL injuries. We know this and factor this condition into our design. Our canine orthotics for knee injuries are made with a flexible shell system, v. the rigid femoral and tibial frames made by other canine orthotics companies. Only posh dog knee brace custom crafts each stifle brace with our patent pending “flexi shell” system, which conforms to your dogs leg much better than any brace on the market.

Further, our handmade posterior pads are made just for your dog, and easily adjust, just like a well made dog collar. As your dog begins to heal and muscle mass is restored, our brace expands with the larger leg shape to accommodate this.

Other brace manufacturers often charge for an entire new brace for changes in weight gain/loss (including hypertrophy, or regaining muscle mass).

If you have a juvenile dog, our dog knee brace is designed to be adjustable. If we need to modify the brace to accommodate a growing dog, we can do so without building a completely new brace, as other companies do, without charging you for a whole new brace. Although fees may vary depending on circumstances, our fee is less than $300 to redesign the upper section of your brace, and create a larger brace for your growing dog.

Q: What is the turnaround time if my brace needs adjustments?


We make our brace so it can be adjusted by a customer and helper, with only a Phillips head screwdriver, with Skype guidance. Only a posh dog knee brace has this capability. Other companies braces require that you send their brace to them for even a small adjustment. Adjustments are not uncommon for custom made orthotic products.

Via Skype, and using only a Phillips head screwdriver, we can help you adjust the brace in numerous ways. If you need to send in to us (with a required return authorization), we will send it back out within 48 hours, or 1 – 2 business days. Other companies may take 4 + days. We offer up to 2 in-house adjustments within 120 days. Your dogs’ brace and recovery is our priority.

Q: What kind of follow up do you offer to each dog customer?


Your dog is our customer. We’ve been through a completely ruptured CCL injury with our own golden, Pasha. Our mission is to insure that you are getting the best possible CCL brace for your injured dog, as well as the best personal service after you get your brace. We want you to take several videos and pictures of your dog taking a short walk while wearing our brace and email those to us immediately after putting the brace on your dog, and before your dog begins using the brace. We then examine and analyze the video in several speeds, and well as scrutinize the pictures and contact you within 24 hours (weekdays)

If there is any difficulty, we can conduct a free 20 minute remote video call with you (using your HD webcam or laptop or phone). This allows us to insure that the brace is functioning 100% and that is properly attached to your dog. Once we feel that the brace is working the way it is designed and correctly attached, we’ll tell you all is well. We are here to do everything possible to help your dog recover, as if your dog was our own. Making the best canine orthotics is more than a passion to us – it is an obsession.

This is not just a business to us; helping your dog avoid surgery and enjoy life, is our genuine passion.

Q: What happens if my dog chews and damages the posh brace?


Don’t worry! you do NOT have to buy a brand new posh dog knee brace. We can repair most damage to our dog leg brace for $100 – $400 [total rebuild], within 1 – 2 business days of spending it back to us. Occasionally a dog may be wearing our dog leg brace for a torn ligament while unsupervised, and start chewing on our brace, even though it is very comfortable. We have been able to successfully rehab these damaged ACL braces for a dog, usually for under $200.

Until your dog gets used to our brace for a dog knee injury, always use our brace when your dog is supervised and don’t be mad at your dog if damage occurs – give him or her a BIG hug and let’s get it fixed! If you have bought a used posh brace, we can usually modify it and rehab it for well under $200.00. If your dog completely destroys a posh brace, we will replace it for $400, not $945. We are not out to charge customers excessively, as some competitors do.

Q: What is the warranty for the posh brace?


Posh dog knee brace “hassle-free” warranty: We stand behind our top-of-the-line dog knee brace – better than anyone:

All these components have a LIFETIME warranty:

  1. The “tamarack” joints [around the center of the knee].
  2. The semi-rigid shells to the flexible plastic frame, and ladder straps.
  3. Our exclusive strut system (for adjusting the shells). Bottom line – if any of these parts EVER fail – we quickly fix or replace that part – FOR FREE.
  4. This guarantee is longer than any other dog brace maker

All other frame parts have a 150 day warranty within 150 days of receiving your posh brace, and you will not be charged for these items, if defective: 1. straps, 2. pads, 3. hock wrap, 4. foam lining on all shells.

Adjustments and fitting warranty: Within the first 120 days, after you receive your posh brace, there is no charge for required materials, video calls, or labor.

USPS shipping charges: we pay the first $25.00 of shipping when you order a posh brace. if a warranty claim occurs, any shipping charges beyond our $25.00 allowance will be paid 100% by you. We ship USPS 2 day priority. We do not use fedex or UPS.

The device received is warranted to be made to your pet’s individual measurements, properly aligned and fit corresponding to your pet’s anatomical condition at the time of measurement. Patient evaluation, consultation, and up to two follow-up adjustments are provided for 150 (one hundred fifty) days at no additional costs to you, unless there is a change in your pet’s physical condition (excluding recovery from atrophy, which we do cover at no charge).

After 150 days, you are responsible for any charges for adjustments or modifications made to your pet’s device. After your $25 shipping credit is consumed, you pay for all shipping charges related to adjustments.

Our 150 day adjustment and lifetime hard parts warranty becomes VOID if

The device has been adjusted, repaired or altered by anyone other than Posh Ortho dog, or on a video call from us, unless such consent has been given to you, by us, in writing for any such modification.

The device or any of its parts have been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident.

You understand it is your responsibility to:

A: See your veterinarian if special management or further care pertaining to the wearing of this device necessary, and promptly advise us of same.

B: Inform Posh ortho dog should any adjustments to this device be needed.

C: Inform both your veterinarian and posh ortho dog of any change to your dog’s overall health which many affect the wearing of this device.

D. Immediately notify posh ortho dog and irritation, and/or complications of any kind that you feel could be attributed to the brace, which we will investigate and promptly modify or adjust the brace.

Q: Is there a charge to cancel, once you’ve started the order process?


This rarely happens. When it does, and before we have started fabrication of your custom brace, we will issue a refund to you as follows:

We will issue a refund to you as follows, for up to 120 days:

  • If the cancellation occurs before a live video measuring call, we will charge you $75.00 for the account setup time.
  • If the cancellation occurs after a live measuring call, we will charge you $150.00
  • After we have begun custom fabricating a custom brace for a dog, we do not accept cancellations and there are no refunds.

These charges are for the direct costs we incurred with your authorization, and at your direction, as well as many hours of services which we rendered and hours expended preparing to help your dog with consultations. account setups, document preparation, emails, live video call for measuring with a licensed Veterinary Technician, sending out proprietary information, mailing, and the time it takes to discuss and process any refund.

If you decide to re-order at anytime, we credit you the cancellation charge toward a new brace.

Q: Does posh ortho dog offer refunds on one-of-a-kind custom made dog knee braces?


As with all other canine orthotic brace makers, we generally do not offer refunds. We invest hundreds of dollars in parts in fabrication each brace, and over 15 hours of time in providing a set of services to each customer. Therefore, we do NOT offer refunds, after we start making a custom made, one-of-a-kind brace.

With that said, in very rare cases at least we will consider refunding a part of dog knee brace.

Partial refund scenario 1: Extremely Rare Fit Issues – This has happened less than .01% of the time. We help dogs other companies turn away. – If we, NOT you, determine that we can’t fit a brace to your dog. Posh ortho dog will make every attempt to adjust the device free of charge (purchaser will pay all shipping charges in advance of such adjustments) during the warranty period.

If after up to the free 3 modifications and video fitting attempts, we, not the customer, determine that we cannot get the brace to fit properly and it is not wearable, and posh ortho dog alone has made that determination, and the customer has fully cooperated with us in a timely and friendly manner, we may, at our discretion, provide a partial refund of the original device cost, only after we receive the brace from you. Being rude instantly vacate any chance of partial refund.

If the purchaser simply does not want to use the device for reasons other than a confirmed improper fit to function, which WE will determine, and/or does not cooperate with us with up to three modifications and photos sent to us to examine for each adjustment, and does not Skype with us to adjust the fit, we do NOT offer a partial refund. Failure to follow our simple instructions is not grounds for partial refund.

Returning a brace to us without our authorization will not be ground for a refund in any amount.

We do NOT offer refunds for refusal of your dog to wear the device. We will do anything in our power to help compel the extremely rare dog to wear comfortable, flexible frame base.

Q: What if I have a Skype or Facetime video appointment and I do not keep it?


FYI: sometimes we schedule Skype calls and the customer actually stands us up with little to no notice. We now will charge $15.00 in advance to set up a new Skype call, for any call that is cancelled without a 24 hour notice. That is time we could have spent helping another customer. Sorry, but we hope that you understand; our time is also valuable.

Q: What if I do not send in the pictures we requested and do not do a video fitting call with my dog?


The vast majority of our customers comply with sending in the 4 simple pictures we ask for, of their dog wearing their posh brace, and then do a video fitting call with one of licensed veterinary technicians. We want to make absolutely sure that your dog is getting the maximum benefit from a posh brace, and the posh correctly fitted. That is why we insist on pictures, then video fitting. Our braces are precision devices and require initial guided fitting and adjustment with one of our experts!

However, we rarely will encounter who does not comply with these requirements. They have not sent us pics, or done a fitting video call. Then, they wait many months before they say that they are “disappointed.” Well, please understand: so are we. We expected that we would be given 100% opportunity to help their dog, and that the dog parent would comply with our attempts to help their dog, not ignore our efforts. We are very passionate about helping your dog avoid surgery, as we did in 2013 with our beloved angel Pasha. Please be compliant and let us help your dog.

Q: What services does posh knee brace offer above and beyond the custom brace?


We offer a product: a custom dog knee brace, and a set of services to support that product and to specifically help your dog. Our price includes payment for both our hours of services, parts, and custom crafting a posh brace. Our set of services include: phone consultations, other support phone calls with a licensed veterinary technician, account setup, document preparation, emails, sending out proprietary information, live video call with a licensed veterinary technician for measuring, mailing the custom posh brace to you, live video call with a licensed veterinary technician for fitting (sometimes two calls), making possible adjustments to the custom crafted posh brace, and more.

In fact, we render many hours and hundreds of dollars in services for each dog we help. In fact half of our time is devoted to fulfilling the necessary set of services to each customer.

Q: What if I cannot do a video call?


Then we regret to say that we cannot help you. You can easily hire a pet sitter if needed with an iphone of newer android to help you, for around $15 an hour, if you do not have friends or family who do not have a cell phones.

Q: Does posh dog knee brace offer a “guarantee”?


No brace manufacturer, and medical products manufacturer for humans or for dogs, or medical professional ANYWHERE, can offer any kind of a “guarantee”.: Neither can we.

What we do “guarantee”

  • That we will treat your injured DOG as if your dog was our own.
  • Superb personal customer service.
  • The best custom, no casting, flexible knee brace anywhere.
  • That your dog will not die from the surgery, since a brace is not surgery.
  • That a custom dog knee brace will not cause an infection, which could be fatal.
  • Your dog will not have to endure 3 painful months of “postoperative rehab.”
  • Your dog will never have to suffer the 35% of wide range of complications arising from painful surgery.
  • Your dog will be allowed to start to recover right away with conservative management, brace, and supplements, unlike surgery.

Q: Influencer’s Referrals


Call us for more information (509) 412-3065 we would love to work with you and we do offer referral compensation.


General Questions About Bracing

Q: Do Knee Braces work for dogs?


Yes, they help to stabilize the stifle joint providing the dog support for CCL/ACL tears, arthritis, sprain, strain, or even sometimes with luxating patellas. A knee brace used for 6-9 months can help a dog recover from CCL tear.

Q: What is the best knee brace for torn ACL/CCL in dogs?


The Posh Dog Knee Brace is the best CUSTOM knee brace for dogs. It will completely stabilize, and immobilize, the knee, allowing for full weight to be placed on the injured leg. The custom Posh Dog Knee Brace is the best option for bot small and XL dogs, with our state of the art design, which allows the knee to re-stabilize, as well as begin building muscles.

Q: How many hours a day should a dog wear a knee brace?


That depends on the activity level and supervision of the dog. We suggest using the brace during any active times. You will put the brace on for any outdoor activities, such as walks, potty breaks, car rides, play times, etc. You should never have your dog wear the brace during the night or when in a controlled space, like a kennel.

Q: Can a dog recover from a torn ACL/CCL without surgery?


Yes, dog’s can heal without surgery. Many dogs can use bracing, physical therapy, and other conservative approaches to recover. We work with many veterinarians worldwide to help our patients fully recover.

Q: Should I put a brace on my dog’s leg?


Depending on what your dog has, it is entirely safe to use a custom Posh Dog Knee Brace. We can help dogs with arthritis, stability and pain, young dogs that can’t have surgery yet, and many other reasons.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary per Individual Dog.

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