Help Your Dog Recover
Without Surgery


Finance Options Available!

Posh Dog Knee Brace offers 3 different types of finance payment plans, so that you can get relief for your dog immediately, without the wait.

Financing with one of our options gives you much more payment flexibility, All are very secure, and the good news is it is not just a one time offer.  We know that injuries happen when you least expect, and typically have very bad timing.  Let us help get your dog back in top form, without breaking the budget.  Easy and fast checkout using All Pet Credit Card (better then Care Credit) just takes a quick email to poshintake1@gmail.com, the other financial options you can do thorugh our check out page when you order.  Don’t let your dog suffer for another minute longer than needed, let’s help them right now.  The longer we wait on an injury like a CCL tear, the more chances we will have of abnormal wearing on the joint, which can lead to arthritis and long term damage.  Call us today to ask about how we can help!

All Pet Credit Card

Our first finance option is: All Pet Credit Card, which allows for 12 months of no interest payments.


Meet the first credit card that loves your pet as much as you do. Apply today online: https://allpet.com/

Your pets are always there for you. And now, All Pet Credit Card helps you be there for them when they need you most. Special financing* ensures your pets can get the care they need, when they need it, while freeing you to pay over time. All to help you keep those wags, yips, cuddles, and purrs coming.

If you would like to know more about this option, or will be purchasing a Posh Dog Knee Brace with this card, please email us at poshintake1@gmail.com. Or reach out to us through our Contact Form.

PayPal Credit


Also, we have affrim, you can choose a payment option that suits your budget. You’ll never pay late fees. Or annual fees. Or hey-it’s-a-random-day-in-April fees.


With credit cards, the longer you take to pay off your balance, the more expensive your purchase becomes. With Affirm, you always know exactly what you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying off your purchase. Up to 6 months 0% interest for those who qualify. This covers United States/Canada sales.

Our Personalized Dog Knee Brace Will Help Your Dog Recover!
We’ve Assisted Thousands Of Dogs And Would Like To Assist Yours…

The Posh Dog Knee Brace is a handcrafted, entirely unique dog knee brace built just for your dog. We don’t use casting to create our unique braces. Our cutting-edge brace for dogs is incredibly robust, waterproof, sand proof, and user-adjustable. In the convenience of your home, one of our veterinary technicians will personally supervise the measuring and fitting of your dog’s ACL brace through live video.

With Posh Dog Knee Brace, your Dog will receive the personal attention of a dedicated Case Manager, who is a Veterinary Technician

Our Custom Crafted Dog Knee Brace Is Much More Effective Than A Ready To Wear, Or A Soft Dog CCL Brace. The No-Casting Posh Dog Knee Brace: We Made The Cast, An “Ordeal” Of The Past. Contact us today!

Although A Custom Dog Knee Brace Is More Expensive Than The Cheaper Braces, It Is Much Less Expensive Than Surgery, With None Of The Expense, Pain, And Numerous Risks Surgery Causes. Wearing A Posh Brace Will Not Cause Infections, Sores, Or Drug Reactions (Often Fatal), Or Depression In Your Dog. Your Dog Begins To Walk And Enjoy Life Again And Recover Immediately.

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