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Posh Dog Knee Brace

Our Guarantee:

We Guarantee That We Will Do Everything Possible To Help Your Dog, As If Your Dog Were Our Own.
We’ve Been Through A CCL Injury With Our Own Golden Pasha In 2013, Who Recovered Completely
With A Posh Brace And No Surgery. Expect That We’ll Deliver The Same Level Of Care To Your Dog,
As We Did To Pasha, Since You Love Your Dog No Less Than We Loved Our Beloved Angel Pasha.

• Your Case Manager Will Always Be A Compassionate, Friendly Licensed Veterinary Technician.
• We Do A Live Video Measuring Call And Then A Live Video Fitting Call With Your Dog.
• Your Case Manager Responds To Calls And Emails Within 24 Hours: Monday – Saturday.
• Read Our Success Stories From Actual Customers, To See How We Treat Each Dog.

Posh Dog Knee Brace

Click HERE To See Our Posh Dog Knee Brace
Being Fitted To A Dog And For Close-Up Views.

Every Posh Dog Knee Brace Has Advanced Design, Materials & 
Technology To Help Begin Your Dogs’ Recovery Right Away.

Here Is Our Beloved Golden Child, Pasha, Running At Matanzas Inlet In St. Augustine. We’re Here To Help Your Dog As We Once Helped Pasha.

At Over 10 Years Old, We Choose To Not Have Her Endure Risky & Painful CCL Surgery. We Wanted Her Remaining Years To Be Pain-Free And Fulfilled. We’re So Happy She Didn’t Go Through The Traumatic Dog CCL Surgery.

Within Eight Months, Pasha Recovered 100% From A Complete Rupture Of Her CCL & Damaged Meniscus, Without TPLO Or Other CCL Surgeries, With Her Dog ACL Brace, Conservative Management & Proper Nutrition.

Pasha Exercised 2 Hours A Day & Never Again Needed To Wear Her Posh Brace. We Know First Hand Dogs Do Recover From CCL Injuries – Without Surgery.

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