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How To Videos on our Measuring & Fitting

Here’s A Couple Of Videos To Make It Easier To Understand Our Process

Posh Measuring Video Tutorial

*** Please do NOT get any measurements of your Dog and send them to us, until you have become a Posh customer. Then we will set up a live video measuring call with you, with one of our Veterinary Technicians. We ONLY accept measurements taken with our supervision.

This video is intended only as a guide, to show you how easy it is to get 10 simple measurements of your Dog, instead of having to endure the dated, flawed, and expensive casting process we once had to use, as other custom Dog knee brace companies still do use. Over two years ago, Posh Dog Knee Brace eliminated casting and instead uses 10 measurements, a few pics, proprietary software and other data, to create a much more accurate mold which we make, without casting a Dogs’ leg, that produces a much better fitting brace, coupled with our unique patent pending “Flexi-Shell” system.

Posh Dog Knee Braces’ superb Senior Licensed Veterinary Technician, Nikki, explains the unique process we use at Posh to make a custom, great fitting brace for your Dog – with NO problematic casting. This is only a guide. Once you become a customer, we get the measurements with you. Nikki will also be your initial contact who will call you after you fill out the Contact Form.

An experienced and empathetic Posh licensed Veterinary Technician, who has made measuring calls with many hundreds of Dog parents, will do a live video call (facetime or skype) with each customer AFTER they have watched this video and will supervise you getting 10 simple measurements of your Dogs’ leg.

Our NO casting process is: 1. more accurate than making a cast, 2. MUCH easier and nowhere near the stress of casting, 3. Will save you at least $150 in vet bills for making a cast (as high as $600) 4. Much less problems – many times another brace company will not accept a cast and force you to start over.

Since we do not use casting, we also eliminated the extra week it takes to make a cast and ship it back to the brace company. Our custom Posh brace is custom made, shipped, and is on your Dog, the same amount of time it takes to make and process a cast with another company.

Posh Fitting Video Tutorial

After you have watched this video first, we then do a live video call wih every customer, with one of our superb Licensed Veterinary Technicians, to insure that the Posh Brace is fitted correctly, and that your Dog is getting the maximum benefit from a Posh Brace.

Notice the upgrades which we put into every Posh Brace, including flexible shells, micro-buckles and ladder straps, very comfortable foam, rust free screws, custom pads, adjustabilty, and more.

And our custom braces using 10 simple measurements, a few pictures, and proprietary software and are made without having to endure the casting cost and hassle – NO casting! A flexible Posh brace fits much better on your Dog than a hard cast made from a mold! Please see our Measuring Video Tutorial on our site to see how stress-free and easy it is to get 10 simple measurements of your Dog at home, under our live video supervision!

Give your Dog a BIG hug for us!

For more information please contact us through our contact form or call us at 509-412.3065. To view our braces and our part store please click here. We look forward to helping your dog live their best life. Visit our Facebook Group, Click Here.

Dog knee brace measuring
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