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A Small Handful Of Actual Case Studies Of How We Helped Dogs Whose Parents Did NOT Want Their Dog To Endure CCL Surgery

Case # 1: RAM – Bilateral Boy In Such Terrible Pain That He Could Only Walk On His Hands


Our Recent Patient: Ram, An Adorable 4 Year Old Male Anatolian Shepherd/Lab Mix. Diagnosis: Bilateral – Complete Rupture Of CCL Ligaments In Both Hind Legs. The Vet Recommended Surgery At A Cost Exceeding $8,000 + For Both Injured Legs.

As Seen On The “Before” Video, Rams’ Acute Pain Prohibited Him From Walking And Bearing Any Weight On Either Of His Hind Legs. Astoundingly, He Was Literally Walking On Only His Two Front Legs, Until His Mom Put On His Custom Posh Dog Knee Braces For Dog Knee Injuries.


June 2015: Ram Suffering From A Bilateral CCL Injury In Both Legs And Walking On Only His Front Legs 


Ram Walking And Running Again With His Custom Posh Dog Braces, Recovering Without An $8000 + Surgery. 

As you can see, Ram is recovering beautifully with NO surgery and with our Posh Dog Knee Braces made without the casting hassle. Within a week he was walking around and not a limping Dog anymore. Now handsome Ram is running around Maui with his Mom, Megan. Notice how he is not only running but also bearing 100% weight on each leg, as he leaves “pea mail” everywhere like male Dogs do lol. Rams’ veterinarian now recommends the Posh Dog Knee Brace for Dogs with even severe CCL ruptures, like Ram.

Many Vets now realize that surgery should be the LAST option for even completely torn CCL/ACL injuries in Dogs. Bracing and conservative management therapy should be pursued before surgical intervention.

Case # 2: MONA – Cancer Survivor And Amputee

How We Helped Mona The “Tripawd” In Less Than 48 Hours With A Custom Made, Great Fitting Posh Dog Knee Brace

No Casting Required! – Mona, A Special 8 YO Girl With 3 Legs – Kentucky

Monas’ Mom and Dad contacted Posh Dog Knee Brace on February 28, 2016. Their beautiful girl had her right forearm amputated because of osteosarcoma in mid-January 2016. Then barely a month later, she suffered a complete rupture of her right hind leg cranial cruciate ligament. She literally could not stand, as her entire right side legs were gone.

​In 48 hours, on March 1, we had Mona walking around again in a Posh brace, even though we’re hundreds of miles away. No other custom brace company can offer that level of expedited service. Learn more about Monas’ story and dozens of other success stories at our Testimonial page.

Case # 3: TWIZZLE (RIP 2017 Beautiful Angel)

No Casting Required. – Mare, Mom of Twizzle, 7 YO Adorable Terrier – MI

Comment from Posh Dog Knee Brace: Our customer, Filmmaker Mare Costello, has made a wonderful short film about her adorable girl Twizzle and her non-surgical recovery from a severe CCL injury, wearing her Posh Dog Knee Brace!]

“Twizzle, the wonder dog and actress, has been through a lot since the end of last November when she was chasing a squirrel halfway down our block leading to a diagnosis of a stage 3 CCL (ACL in human terms) tear. Surgery was immediately suggested which when I found out how much the cheapest costs, how 75% of the dogs tear the other, not to mention, the kind of recovery we would still be doing I chose the lesser known route of conservative management, photonic red light therapy, changed her diet from the ground up and found out about the Posh Dog Knee Brace!

Enjoy this video that speaks to this. I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions as I’ve been documenting her progress since the beginning. She has now been in this recovery for 226 days total with a re-ingury making a new total of days 116 and the last 54 using the brace. She is stable but still has months more of recovery.

We even have cool hand painted black/white “Twizzle” t-shirts to raise funds for her recovery and awareness to the alternate methods of handling your dogs life threatening knee injuries. Send a request to info@freeproductionsllc.com.

Case # 4: KONA – Bilateral (Both Legs) Husky

Recovering With NO surgery (& No Casting!) Tracy M, Mom Of Kona, 9 Year Old Husky, Arizona

NOTE from Posh Dog Knee Brace: Just like us in 2013 with our Beloved Angel Pasha, Kona’s parents were given ONE option for a severe bilateral CCL injury to their beloved boy: major surgery at a very high cost – on a 9 year old boy. See the before and after vids below of handsome Kona. Here is the note Tracy, Konas’ Mom, sent us:

“Handsome Husky and Posh Dog:

Bad luck! Bilateral torn CCL! Both need surgery. These words greeted our ears from the friendly neighborhood vet who sincerely sympathizes with our precious pup, Kona. Sadly, the cost of surgery was prohibitive and unattractive for our situation. As a happy nearly nine year old husky, Kona loves long walks, playing in the back yard, and sleeping on the cold tile. Tearing his CCL ligaments stopped all but one of these favorite activities. We went on a hunt to find an alternative treatment to return Kona to his fun-loving self. 

“Through a thorough internet search, we found Posh Dog knee braces. After reading research and watching YouTube videos of the product in action, we decided that Posh Dog knee braces were perfect for Kona. The service was amazing! 

We completed the simple measurements and photos and within 3 days Kona was wearing his new knee braces. His first time on them was a little shaky, but by day 3 he was able to walk 15 minutes twice a day. He went on his first outing since his injury to a favorite walking path along the Colorado River and he acted like his old self – sniffing, trotting, and chasing other dogs. Thank you Posh Dog for providing this awesome product and service for our handsome husky!”

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Our Advanced Custom CCL Brace Offers A Non-Surgical, Painless And Effective Alternative For Canine CCL Injuries. Order The Custom Posh Dog Knee Brace And Get The Most Advanced, Waterproof, Adjustable CCL Brace To Help Your Dog Recover, Without Pain, Surgical Risks, And Bilateral Failure.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary per Individual Dog.

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