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Elbow Braces for Dogs

Elbow Braces can help relieve pain and lameness for the following:

Elbow braces can also be used post-op, for patients undergoing surgery to correct an OCD lesion or tricepts tendon avulsion.  We have helped patients recover smoothly with our custom elbow brace.

The likelihood of elbow hyperextension and luxation is decreased with elbow bracing, and the front leg is more stabilized, allowing the dog to resume normal activities. Due to the laxity of the elbow joint, the custom elbow brace is made to offer medial and lateral stability. Through a tight connection with stainless steel articulation joints, it can also offer support in the anterior and posterior planes of the joint.To purchase one of our braces click here.

You’ll do everything you can to boost your dog’s mobility and lessen their misery if they limp or are in pain due to an elbow injury or condition. The greatest way to enhance your pet’s quality of life may be a personalized brace. Your dog’s comfort and movement are our main objectives here at Posh Dog Knee Brace.

How can an elbow brace help my dog?

When a tendon is overextended or twisted, canine ligament injuries happen. Although they happen more frequently in the dog’s knee, tendon rips can also happen in the elbow. As the elbow heals, joint pain can be reduced and the elbow can be shielded from further harm by wearing a tailored brace. The elbow orthosis gives the upper arm medial and lateral stability.

The elbow brace also maintains the forelimb in the ideal position and stops the dog from applying excessive pressure to its wounded elbow. A front leg brace can be used for dogs with an injury as well as dogs with osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease who are experiencing joint pain.

Dogs with dysplasia or arthritis should keep a healthy weight. Obesity will increase joint pain and put additional strain on a dog’s front legs. Choosing the proper orthotic brace for your dog is essential since dogs put most of their weight on their front limbs, which causes their elbows and shoulders to experience a lot of wear and tear.

Can a dog elbow brace be worn on both legs?

Dogs may have one or both front legs equipped with canine elbow braces. Bilateral elbow braces are a common term used to describe a dog wearing two orthotics on both front limbs.

Helping your dog heal from an elbow joint injury

The rehabilitation of your dog includes more than just a customized elbow support. Dogs do not evenly transfer their weight across all four legs, despite popular perception. Instead, 60% of a dog’s total weight is supported by the front legs, carpal, elbow, and shoulder joints. Therefore, finding a secure means to support your dog’s front end may also be important for serious elbow injuries and joint pain.


For dogs with elbow dysplasia, rehabilitation treatments are helpful in addition to bracing. A pet with elbow problems may benefit from massage and hydrotherapy, among other treatments. Swim therapy and underwater treadmills can help to strengthen the front leg muscles while causing less discomfort and stress on the elbows. A reduction in overall elbow pain can be achieved by strengthening the muscles surrounding the elbow joint. To lessen joint pain when the dog moves during treatments, a supportive brace may be worn.

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