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Our Dog Pasha Story to Recovery From A Torn CCL In Dogs, Wearing Our Posh Dog Knee Brace, And NO Surgery! Your Dog Can Too!

We Know What Your Dog And You’re Going Through. We’ve Been There Too; Looking For Brace For Dog, Our Senior Golden. See The Success We’ve Had With Our Own Dog Wearing A Posh Brace, Conservative Management, Nutritional Supplements, And NO Surgery. This Is Our Experience With A Severe CCL And Meniscus Injury On Our Beloved Golden Child, Pasha, In The Spring Of 2013.

The Name Of Our Company, “Posh,” Is Derived From One Of Pashas’ Many Nicknames. It Does Not Connote Elegant Or Stylishly Luxurious, Although Our Posh Brace Is The Best Looking Custom Dog Knee Brace On The Market.

Our Beloved Golden Angel, Pasha / March 10, 2002 – December 23, 2015

Posh Dog Knee Brace

Compared To CCL Surgery For A Torn ACL In Dogs, A Custom Dog Knee Brace Is An Affordable And Painless Solution That Is Free Of Any Risks Presented By Dog Knee Surgery. Our Own Dog Made A Full Recovery From A Complete Rupture Of Her Cruciate Ligament With A Custom Posh Brace For Dog. We Had Learned The Facts About Dog Knee Surgery. We Refused To Put Our Beloved Dog Through All This:

We Had Learned That Dog CCL Knee Braces Worked As Well As Human ACL Knee Braces – So WHY: Would We Put Our Child Through the Hell Of Cruciate Surgery? It Wasn’t About The $5,000 They Wanted For The TPLO Surgery – It Was About The Quality Of Her Life. Like A Litany For 3 Months In The Summer Of 2013, Every Day We Said “Thank God We Never Got The Horrible Surgery.” We Healed Our Severely Injured Pasha With Her Brace For Dogs. Pasha Started Having Fun Again In A Few Days, & Recovered, In 7 Months.

The Crux Of The Issue Of Torn CCL In Dogs Is This:

The Small Cruciate Ligament Between The Femur And Tibia Helps To Hold The Bones In The Correct Alignment. When The Cruciate Ligament Is Partially Or Fully Torn, It Allows The Painful, Malaligned, Forward Movement Of The Tibia, When The Knee Is Bent, Or Load Bearing. This Is Called “Tibial Thrust.”

A Bio-mechanically Correct Custom Posh Dog Knee Brace Provides Immediate Relief For Your Dog With A Canine Knee Injury, By Globally Stabilizing Your Dogs’ Injured Knee, And Correctly Aligning The Femur, Tibia And Knee Structure. A Good Dog Leg Brace Does This.

The Posh Brace Actively Suppresses The “Tibial Thrust” By Holding The Tibial Bone In Correct Alignment & Allows Your Dog To Exercise & Walk Again. See Numerous Detailed Stories Of Our Customers On Review Page

Many Dog Parents Do Not Want To Get Dog Knee Surgery On Their Dog.
Here’s Only Some Of The Reasons People Get A Custom Posh Dog Knee Brace:

A large percentage of Dogs who suffer torn CCL (ACL) to their stifle (knee) ligaments are not good candidates for surgery. A custom Dog leg brace is an effective alternative and much better option for torn ACL in Dogs than ACL surgery, including Dogs and families who have these issues:

  • AGE: Their Dog is elderly and its’ quality of life would be compromised by major surgery.
  • HEALTH: Their Dog has other medical issues which would endanger the Dog in a surgical environment.
  • HYPERACTIVITY: Their Dog may be too hyper or rambunctious to recover from surgery without compromising the procedure.
  • COSTS: The family may not be able to afford a surgery & post-op care costing $3,000 – $6,000 with no guarantees that CCL surgery will actually work.
  • HOLISTIC CARE: Many people are waking up to the many dangers of profit-driven allopathic “medicine” both for themselves, and their Animal family members.

Actual Case Story Example Of Complete Non-Surgical Recovery
From A Full CCL Rupture Using A Posh Dog Knee Brace In 2013:

No Surgery

Our Dog: Pasha Morrison: 11 Year Old / 73 Pound / Female Golden Retriever.

Symptoms: Limping, Unable To Bear Weight On Limb. Complete Rupture Left Hind Leg Cranial Cruciate Ligament. Very Audible Cracking Of Knee Upon Flexion. Severely Damaged Medial Meniscus. Date Of Injury: May 2013.

Vet Recommendation: Immediate $5,000 TPLO Surgery.

Pasha Morrison, Balboa Park CA Easter 2006.

Dr. L.W. DVM and Dr. H. N. DVM – Canine Orthopedic Surgeon – Greater Jacksonville FL

DIAGNOSIS: “Pasha has a complete rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament in her left hind leg. Marked drawer (CCL test) with audible meniscal click.”

RECOMMENDATION: “You must get the TPLO surgery immediately, or Pasha will 1. tear the CCL in her (other) right hind leg within 6 months, 2. she will develop severe arthritis, and 3. she will become lame. Braces don’t work for a Dog her size (73 pounds).”

OUR TREATMENT PROTOCOL: No surgery + wearing a Posh Dog Knee Brace as an alternative to Dog CCL surgery, + conservative management + supplements beneficial to this type of Dog ACL knee injury.

OUTCOME: Full recovery with no involvement or injury of other leg, no visible arthritis, correct gait, full weight bearing on the previously injured leg and full recovery from moderate atrophy in the injured leg.

Pasha Running Full Speed With Her Posh Dog Knee Brace In March 2014. Pasha Had Been Running And Body Slamming Waves Like This Within 90 Days Of Putting Her Posh Brace On. Remember, Pasha Had A Severe Injury: A Complete (Not Partial) Rupture Of The Cranial Cruciate Ligament and Damaged Meniscus In Her Left Hind Leg.

100% Non-Surgical Recovery From A Complete Rupture Of The LHL Cranial Cruciate Ligament: Pasha Playing Without Her Knee Brace A Year After Injury. You Can’t Even Tell She Was Hurt. Join our Facebook Page to hear what others have to say.

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