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A Dog Knee Brace Comparitive Analysis

Dog Knee Brace Comparison Solutions Between Soft and Custom Dog CCL Braces

Read What You Need To Know About A Dog CCL Brace. Learn The Facts – Before You Get One For Your Injured Dog.

Just like us in 2013, we never thought we’d have to learn about Dog knee braces. When our Beloved Golden Pasha had a serious CCL injury, our vet (we’ll call her “dr. Whitecoat”) insisted only that we get the $5,000 TPLO surgery in 3 days, and said nothing about Dog knee braces. Too late. We had already found out about them online. We believe that anyone who is learning about a Dog CCL brace is wayyyyy ahead of the hundreds of thousands of people who unwittingly trust the “dr. Whitecoats,” and dreadfully get the surgery (which is at least 3 – 6 times more expensive, and lucrative for a vet clinic than a custom made Dog knee brace).

What It’s All About: Suppressing The “Tibial Thrust.”The cranial cruciate ligament a/k/a CrCL or CCL is one of the ligaments between the thigh bone (femur) and the shin bone “tibia.” it helps stabilize the knee. In people, a similar ligament is the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Many vets call it an ACL injury since ACL injury in athletes is a common injury that most people are familiar with. The CCL helps holds the tibia in the correct alignment with the femur. When it is partially or completely ruptured, it becomes a serious orthopedic problem. Ligaments do not grow back. When the knee bends, the tibia is loose and slides forward away from the femur. Now the stifle alignment is off and no longer bio-mechanically correct. This very painful condition is known as “tibial thrust.” think of a wheel on a bicycle having a slight bend in it – it no longer functions correctly or rolls smoothly.

Did you know that: surgery and a good quality custom knee brace for Dogs BOTH accomplish the same goal: they both suppress, or stop, the tibial thrust, which must happen so that the knee (stifle in dogs) can start to develop fibrous scar tissue and re-stabilize the knee and stop the tibial thrust.

A Dog Knee Brace Comparitive Analysis - Solutions

So What Does A Custom Dog Knee Brace Do For A Dog A Torn CCL?

A custom Dog CCL brace is a comfortable, custom-molded, adjustable Dog brace that stabilizes your Dogs’ injured knee as it naturally builds restorative scar tissue, as surgery does. By effectively stabilizing the stifle, a custom Dog leg brace provides a therapeutic alternative to TPLO, TTA, and other Dog knee ligament surgeries, without the numerous risks and higher costs involved with surgery.

Let’s Take A Look At The Difference Between Dog Knee Braces.

Types Of Dog Knee Braces For Cruciate Injuries:
Non-Custom “Ready To Wear,” And Custom Made.

“Ready To Wear” – “Soft” Non-Custom

Custom Made For Your Dog

Do Not Fit Closely On Your Dogs Inured Leg, And Will Not Actively Suppress The Tibial Thrust Or Prevent Internal Tibial Rotation Closely Mimics The Topography Of Your Dogs’ Leg. Fully Suppresses The Tibial Thrust And Prevents Internal Tibial Rotation

Most Are Made From Flimsy Materials Like Neoprene, Fabric, Or Rubber. They Are Not As Durable As A Custom Built Brace. They All Do NOT Have Human Grade Tamarack Flexure Hinges, Which Allow For Natural Movement & Articulation Of The Knee

Made From Orthotic Grade Components That Are Very Durable. Almost Every Custom Dog Brace Has Tamarack Flexure Hinges, Like Human Braces. These Hinges Are Also Energy Absorbing & Help Take A Lot Of The Load Off The Dog Knee, Which Facilitates Faster Healing

Easily Slide Side- To-Side Around The Knee

Doesn’t Slide Around On The Knee. Stays In The Correct Position

Usually Needs A Veterinarian To Fit It Correctly, If You Can Find One Willing To Help You

Requires A Vet To Fit It Correctly On The Dog. (Except The Adjustable-At-Home Posh Brace)

Will Often Require An Over-The Back Harness To Hold It Up

Doesn’t Need A Harness To Stay Up On The Leg

Cost From $100-$495. Can Be Made In About An Hour Without Any Real Attention To Detail

Cost From $945-$1,765. Requires A Multi-Step Process And 4-6 Hours To Fabricate One

Little To No Service After The Sale

Different Levels Of Services After The Sale

Buying a non-custom Dog knee brace will not really save you money. Often, our customers had bought a non-custom brace and then had to get a custom Dog brace, to really help their Dog recover from this serious orthopedic injury. If you can afford it – get a custom Dog brace. You’ll get real results and your Dog will recover without surgery. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your Dog!

Point-By-Point Comparison: 100% Custom Made CCL Braces

Compare Custom Brace Features

Posh Dog Knee Brace

Western USA Dog Knee Brace Company #1

Western USA Dog Knee Brace Company #2

Eastern USA Dog Knee Brace Company #3

Eastern USA Dog Knee Brace Company #4

To Custom Make & Ship Brace

3-5 Days
(About 4 days)

2-3 weeks

2-3 weeks

2-3 weeks

2-3 weeks

Is Risky, Stressful Casting Needed?

NO-This Saves You $150-$600

Yes – Only by affiliate vet = $$$

Yes – Only by Vet = extra fees

Yes requires cast by someone

Yes requires cast by someone

Is Brace Shipped Directly To?


No – Only by affiliate vet = $$

No – Goes to a vet you must pay

No-Goes to a vet you must pay


Live Video Fitting By Our Vet Tech

Yes- included With Every Dog

Optional = more ss




Is Case Manager A Vet?

Always, On Every Single Dog





Had CCL Injury On Their Own Dog?






Easy Adjustable By Customer

Yes – A Posh Brace Exclusive

No – requires mailing brace back

No – requires mailing brace back

No – requires mailing brace back

No – requires mailing brace back

No Rubbing Flexible Comfortable Brace

Yes – Flexible Frame Conforms To Dogs’ Leg

No – rigid frame causes irritation & rubbing issues

No – rigid frame causes irritation & rubbing issues

No – rigid frame causes irritation & rubbing issues

No – rigid frame causes irritation & rubbing issues

Innovation Design

Yes – Advanced Technology

No-older design obsolete brace

No-older design obsolete brace

No-older design obsolete brace

No-older design obsolete brace

Precision Hi-Tech Micro Buckles & Ladder Straps

Yes – Straps Stay Clean- Have Lifetime Warranty

No- Velcro straps need frequent replacement

No- Velcro straps need frequent replacement

No- Velcro straps need frequent replacement

No- Velcro straps need frequent replacement

Completely Waterproof

Yes and we use rust free parts

No-and their screws rust

No-and their screws rust

No-and their screws rust

No-and their screws rust

Requires Fitting Appt With Vet

No-and their screws rust

Yes – “affiliate” vet=extra fees

Yes- extra fees

Yes- extra fees

No-But no live video support

Total Price

$945 Shipped No Vet Casting or Fitting Fees

$950-$1,800 + Casting Fees

$950 and Up + Casting Fees

$950 and Up + Casting Fees

$775 and Up + Casting Fees

Click HERE And Read Why The Posh Dog Knee Brace Is The Most Effective, Most Comfortable And Most Advanced CCL/ACL Dog Knee Brace You Can Get, Anywhere.

What’s Going On? Why So Many Dog CCL Surgeries??

Human orthopedic MD’s almost always first put a brace on their patients with CCL injuries. That is why there are hundreds of human knee braces ranging in price from $300 to $3,000 (for a custom brace). We’re not here to annoy anyone, but we need to illuminate certain facts. In 2013, a customer of ours who is a lawyer, whose Dog healed with a Posh brace, may have answered the foregoing question.

Why do veterinarian surgeons seldom mention putting a brace on a Dog with a very similar knee injury as a person? Why do they almost always recommend TPLO and other lucrative ($2 billion annually) surgeries?

Human Orthopedic ​Surgeons Always Do: 

  1. Bracing First.
  2. Conservative Management Of the Patient.
  3. Surgical Intervention Only As A Last Resort. If #1 And #2 Fail.

Is The Solution Below ??

Imagine If Human Doctors Could Get Away With This:

humans legs

Did you know a Dog is 8 times more likely to get surgery on knee ligament injury than a person? Unlike human doctors, veterinarians are largely exempt from costly legal claims and hefty settlements if they cause harm to an animal. Why? Because courts in the USA regards a loving, beautiful, Dog as: “property.” most people are unaware of this.

U.S. courts don’t recognize that your Dog is a sentient, loving being who fills your world each day, with unrequited and boundless love. According to the law in this country, an animal is viewed as: “an item of personal property,” and most courts limit a legal recovery, i.e. settlement of a lawsuit or verdict, to the cost of replacing the companion animal with another animal.

This is tantamount to a court ruling, after an orthopedic surgeon seriously maimed you after an ACL operation on your injured knee, that your surgeon only needs to cover the cost of a shiny new wheelchair. That is why veterinary surgeons need not worry about expensive lawsuits if a CCL operation has serious complications, as 35% + of them do. Is this the reason the number of veterinary surgeons has doubled in the past ten years?

See Our Success Stories Of A Torn CCL In Dogs Who Recovered With No Surgery!

Our Dog CCL brace promotes healing by allowing Dogs to exercise while protecting the knee from further injury. This helps to maintain muscle tone and normal range of motion during the healing process. Exercise and activity also helps to improve the morale of your Dog suffering from the injury. A torn CCL in Dogs can be treated with a high-quality Dog leg brace, conservative management, and proper supplementation.

CCL Braces

Many vets are recognizing that non-surgical treatment options such as a Posh Dog Knee Brace can be an effective treatment alternative to Dog knee surgery for a torn CCL in Dogs.

Even Dogs with complete cruciate tears can heal without surgery using conservative management and our Dog brace during activity. Our Golden Retriever is just one of thousands of case examples of a complete non-surgical recovery from a full CCL rupture using a Dog CCL brace built by Posh Dog Knee Brace.

Using high quality components coupled with groundbreaking innovation, we create an orthotic Dog knee brace which is specifically fabricated to fit the anatomy of your Dogs’ leg, and when worn correctly, will prevent the unwanted and painful forward movement of your Dogs tibia (also known as “drawer movement” and/or “tibial thrust”).

Our Dog CCL stifle brace helps your Dogs leg begin to heal by correctly positioning your Dogs’ tibia relative to the femur so that your Dogs’ leg is incorrect bio-mechanical alignment during flexion (moving) states. Our brace should only be worn during daily periods of physical therapy and exercise, not all day.

We Specialize In One Dog Brace: A CCL (ACL) Brace For For Stifle Injuries. Compare The Groundbreaking Features Of Our Stifle Brace To All The Others, Our Proprietary No-Cast System, And Compare Our Prices With Theirs (See Order A Brace Page). You’ll See That We Deliver Higher Quality & Real Innovation At A Lower Price For Your Dog. And We Have Been Where You Are Today…


Each Posh Dog Knee Brace Is Individually Crafted And Overseen By In The USA By Certified Orthotists And Fitters With 21 Years + Experience. We Make The Highest Quality Brace Available Today Using Only The Finest Materials, Including:


Effective Tibial Thrust Suppression
Unlike Most Other CCL Brace Makers, We Don’t Rely On A Thin Velcro Strap Below The Knee To Suppress The Painful Forward Motion Of The Tibia (Caused By The Ligament Injury). Our Comfortable Tibial Padded Frame Extends the Full Length of Your Dogs Tibia and Stabilizes Your Dogs’ Knee Capsule Much More Effectively.

Anti- Migration Suspension
Most ACL Knee Braces Have A Tendency To Ship, Causing Them TO Not Work Properly. Unlike Velcro Straps Others Use, Our Unique Tibial “Wrap” Helps Holds Our Dog Knee Brace In Place, Without Causing Uncomfortable Pressure On The Hock Region Of Your Dogs’ Leg. Our CCL Brace Is Very Comfortable.

Durable Hi-Tech Fastening System
Our Unique Precision Fit Micro-Buckles And Ladder Straps Come With A Life Time Warranty & Allow You To Quickly Connect & Remove Our Dog ACL Braces. For Most Dogs, (Over 30 lbs), We Don’t Use Velcro, Which Needs Frequent Replacement, And Extra Uneven, And Undue Pressure on the Achilles tendon.

No Casting Needed
For Over Sixty Years, The Orthotics And Prosthetics (O&P) Industry Has Relied Upon Manually Making A Fiberglass Impression (Mold) Of The Body Part On Which A Device Will Be Made. We Innovate and Use Technology. We Use Measurements, Pictures and Proprietary Methods to Create an Accurate Mold of Your Dogs’ Leg.


Since Our Own Golden Has Suffered & Fully Recovered From A Complete Rupture Of Her CCL, We Offer A Unique Perspective That You Won’t Find At Other Companies. We Know First Hand That You Want:

 A Custom Posh Dog Knee Brace Can Do All This For Your Dog:


Unlike surgery, our brace for CCL tears in Dogs immediately helps your Dogs recovery, not after months of painful and problematic recovery from surgery. After surgery, a Dog will bear most of its’ weight on the uninjured leg, greatly increasing the stress on that leg and the risk of an eventual CCL rupture of the uninjured leg. Vets have told us what we long suspected: that CCL surgery, in many cases, may actually cause a bilateral injury. A disproportionate weight load upon your Dogs hind legs for an extended period may also cause other problems for your Dog.


Since a Posh Dog Knee Brace accomplishes the same end goal of allowing the affected region to begin to heal naturally, this raises a critical question: why should your Dog be subjected to TPLO surgery and other canine knee surgery, when it may not even be necessary? Why not benefit from the conservative management option of no surgery, and managing the activity of your Dog for months, which you must do even with surgery? With our CCL stifle brace, your Dog begins to recover right away, not after months of painful post-surgery recovery, and with none of the surgical complications.


If you elect to have canine CCL surgery, the advanced stability provided by a Posh Dog Knee Brace is a form of an “insurance policy” for your Dogs’ recovery, to help prevent post-operative re-injury of the leg. After a CCL Surgery, there exists a substantial occurrence of a CCL tear in the uninjured other rear leg. Unfortunately, this dreadful occurrence of a bilateral injury happens more frequently than you may think. After surgery, the “parents” of the Dog must be very careful to restrain it from running, jumping, playing, etc for several months. A Posh Dog Knee Brace helps the CCL stifle injury heal and greatly reduces the risk of post-operative re-injury.

What You Can Expect From A CCL Surgery On Your Dog:

A Surgery Induced Bilateral Injury

Months Of Post Op Recovery Infections

Depression From Surgery And “Crating”

High Veterinary Costs, Including Bilateral Surgery

What You Can Expect From A Posh Dog Knee Brace:

No Surgical Complication Risks

An Immediate Healing Process For Your Dog

Therapeutic Increase In Mood

Your Dog Gets To Walk & Be A Dog Again.

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