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3 Tips on How to Cut Dog Nails

While no dog enjoys having their nails clipped, all dogs may learn to tolerate the process.

Dog Nail cutting can become a stress-free part of your normal grooming regimen with a little effort. We begin by introducing you to the two main techniques for dog nail trimming and provide some troubleshooting advice. Although most dogs dislike having their nails clipped, all canines may be trained to tolerate the process with time and patience. It’s time to clip your dog’s nails if you can hear them clicking as he moves over a floor.

How to Cut Dog Nails

How to Use Clippers to Trim Dog Nails

  1. To make your dog nail easy to see, gently push back any stray hair.
  2. Decide on the cutting location. For white nails, cut in complete white instead of the pink “quick” down the center of the nail. Pay attention to the tapering portion of black nails rather than their broad base.
  3. In one fluid, steady motion, clip.
  4. Give your dog praise and rewards.
  5. If using scissor-type clippers, trim any sharp edges.
  6. Proceed to the following nail.

How to Use a Grinder to Cut Dog Nails

  1. It will take some time to acclimate your dog to the sound of the grinder. While it’s racing, give her treats; first, hold them a few feet away, and later, near to her paws.
  2. As soon as you touch your dog’s nail with the grinder, give them praise and a treat. Repeat multiple times to help her learn to associate positive things with the vibrating sensation.
  3. Hold the grinder at a 45-degree angle to the nail when you’re ready to fully grind it. Lightly press down to allow the nail to grow back. To even it out, repeat on the other side of the nail.
  4. To get a rounded nail tip, smooth away any sharp or uneven areas.
  5. Proceed to the following nail (or, if your dog is unfamiliar with this, take a break).

How to Trim a Dog’s Nails That Hates It

Dogs who enjoy having their nails clipped are rare. However, your dog can be progressively trained to accept having his nails clipped:

  • Decide on worthwhile treats for your dog. While some dogs adore peanut butter, others are more interested in cheese or hotdog pieces. For some people, playing tug of war or fetch is the ultimate game. When it comes time for his nail trim, pay him generously by discovering what your dog LOVES.
  • Proceed cautiously. It is much more preferable to work on one nail at a time and make your dog happy than to struggle through them all.
  • Just use the advice. This will help you both gain confidence and reduce the possibility of injuring your dog. In time, you may manage your dog’s nails by trimming only the tips once a week.
  • You’ve undoubtedly hit the quick if your dog flinches at the slightest when you’re grinding their nails. When applying the next nail, use less force.
  • Try a variety of positions to see how you can see what you are doing and how your dog feels most at ease staying still. You can also lie on the couch, stand on a sturdy table, or even lie on your lap upside down.
  • While you clip the dog nails, get a helper to hold a spoon filled with peanut butter or feed little rewards.
  • Every day, practice holding your dog’s feet for rewards, and teach them tricks like the high five and shake.

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