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We Lost Our Beloved Golden Angel Child Pasha December 23

We lost our Beloved Angel, Pasha On December 23, 2015 at 12:20 AM. In the deepest cores of our hearts and minds, she was the most beautiful, loving, perfect being we have ever known. This is just beyond agonizing… Posh Angel was our only Child.

Between March and June 2015, [less than 90 days] Pasha developed a massive, cantaloupe sized fibrosarcoma at the site where she was “microchipped” years ago.

During this time of immeasurable grief and loss, Pasha wants us to continue to help other Dogs who are suffering from a a painful ligament injury, as she once had, and from which she recovered with our Dog leg brace.

Just as it was 24/7/365 in this life, Pasha will live in our hearts until we join her…
Here is the “microchip” that killed our Beloved Angel Pasha – look at the tiny white object circled in red on the bottom right of the massive cancerous lump. We lost Pasha, but NOT from ever becoming “lost,” but by cancer caused 100% by this killer “microchip.” Is there a “microchip” in YOUR Dog?

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