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Fantastic Article About Cruciate Injuries – Written By A REAL DVM: Dr. Will Falconer – MUST READ

We've been following Dr. Will Falconer DVM, for over 6 years. His site Vital Animal is a very rare resource for...
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It’s Our 5 year Anniversary Of Helping Dogs Recover With NO Surgery!

5 years this weekend will be our Anniversary, our Beloved Golden Angel Pasha had a complete rupture of her left...
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Must Read Truthful Article About “Vaccinations”

Could vaccinations be to blame for the majority of your pet's health issues? Let's look at the negative effects of...
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The #1 Truth About Pet Cancer…

This is a series of must watch videos about the TRUTH about Pet cancer. Spread the word! Click Here To...
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Posh Dog Knee Brace Replaces Rummys’ Stolen Brace

Doggone thief snatches injured canine’s custom brace from doorstep Here's a story about one of our customers, a beautiful 9...
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Giving your Dog Rimadyl or other NSAIDS Shocking Truth [anti-inflammatory]?

Our former vet offered us rimadyl to help with our Beloved golden Pashas' CCL injury in 2013. Since we had...
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How To Make a Support Sling For Your Dog – #1 Helpful Tip

You may need a support sling with helping a Dog with a dog knee injury up and down stairs etc....
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Breaking News – We Lost Our Beloved Golden Angel Child Pasha December 23

We lost our Beloved Angel, Pasha On December 23, 2015 at 12:20 AM. In the deepest cores of our hearts...
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Remarkable Journey With A Dog Knee Brace Instead Of CCL Surgery

Many Customers have told us to share our story about how Posh Dog Knee Brace become a company. So here...
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Breaking News – Think Twice (2) Before Using NSAIDS – A Must Read Article!

How Do NSAIDs Work? They prevent prostaglandin synthesis (1). All cells in the body manufacture prostaglandins from fatty acids. Prostaglandins...
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Natural Nutraceuticals Vs. “Big Pharma” Synthetic Nsaids for Pain Management And Inflammation In CCL

Many Dog parents are becoming aware how dangerous nsaid drugs are for Dogs. Nsaids have reportedly killed as many as...
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SUPPLEMENTS: Pashas Healthy Daily Dog CCL Injury Supplements

We are the only Dog knee brace site who offers advice and tips on holistic and homeopathic supplements. We believe in natural...
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