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Posh Dog Knee Brace Winter Performance All-inclusive – 1st Review

In February, we got a lot of snow and cold weather. Which is a perfect scenario to see how well the brace performs under such conditions. The Posh Dog Knee Brace is not a cast. So there are many open spaces. And that made me wonder how well the brace would perform in a Canadian winter with deep snow and cold temperatures.

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The brace has surprise delivered excellent results during the winter. And over the past five months, Annie’s quality of life has significantly improved thanks to the Posh Dog Knee Brace. Annie used to go on very brief walks—10 to 15 minutes—before we got a brace. Additionally, Annie was limping after those walks. Since we started using the brace, Annie has been out walking for a lot longer, which has given her enough exercise to feel somewhat pleased. With an active Boxer, this task is not simple.

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