Posh Dog Knee Brace
Help Your Dog Recover
Without Surgery


Dog Knee Ligament Injuries – Posh Dog Knee Brace Provides #1 Solution for Non-Surgical Recovery Results

Did you know a Posh Dog Knee Brace can help your Dog recover from a torn knee ligament, CCL injury, or ACL injury – without surgery? Many Dogs are not good candidates for knee surgery due to age, medical issues, and high surgical costs.

Dog knee procedures have a serious complication rate of over one in three, and their overall success rate is far below 40%.

Your dog can recuperate pain-free and without complications with the aid of a bespoke Posh Dog knee brace. By allowing your dog to develop scar tissue, our brace helps the wounded knee area heal in a manner similar to surgery.

Wearing a Posh brace, many Dogs have successfully recovered from a total CCL ACL tear without surgery.

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Dog Knee Ligament Injuries

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