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Dog Limping Front Leg – #1 Must Read!

Hey guys, let’s talk about your dog limping front leg issues today, and reasons this may happen.  This can be as simple as a sliver or foreign body in the paw to trauma.  If you can’t find anything externally causing your dog to limp, it is important to seek a veterinarian, especially if the limping persists.  Some common reasons are:  strains or tears in ligement or tendon/muscle, something in paw, insect bite/sting, trauma/broken bones, vascular issues, lymes disease, inflammatory condition, osteoarthritis.

Dog Limping front leg

Issues with dog limping front leg

Now, depending on where the issue is happening may give us more information on what to do to help.  For instance, your veterinarian will usually begin with the toes and work their way up to the neck/spine.  Sometimes we need to give the veterinarian any information needed to be helpful.  Such as, did you see your dog’s injury?  Did this happen suddenly, acutely? 

Was it something that is getting slowly worse day by day?  Did your dog jump out of something like the car or back of a truck?  Did your dog slip on ice or flooring, causing the front legs to go out to the side?  Did your dog get it’s foot caught in something and try to yank it out?  Have you had your dog on flea and tick prevention during the tick season?  Have you seen any ticks on your dog?

All of these are really good questions to ask yourself and remember to tell your veterinarian, to help with diagnosing your dog.  Things like a tick you found a week ago could mean your veterinarian needs to titer test your dog, to make sure he is ok and does not have lymes.  Or if you didn’t think about the fact that your dog jumped down from the deck or bed, and now seems to be limping. 

It could be that your dog is a large breed, and during growing developed OCD, Osteochondritis, in the shoulder, which will need surgery to fix.  Or, perhaps you have an older dog who is showing pain, and could have arthritis showing up in the elbow or shoulder area.  These are all good reasons to give your Veterinarian all the information you can, so that they can correctly diagnose. 

We do have an elbow brace here at posh dog knee braces, that can help to stabilize any issues in the elbow joint, and relieve pain, if it is found to be an issue in the elbow.  Let us know if you have any questions!

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