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Happy Tail Disorder – MUST READ!

When dogs wag their tails and strike objects with them repeatedly, they commonly suffer from this dog tail injury.

Nobody is thrilled if your dog develops what is known as “happy tail syndrome,” though. Dog tail injuries are common, especially in cheerful dogs, but they are challenging to treat.

happy tail disorder

Happy Tail Syndrome

Dogs with long, slender tails that wag vigorously and traumatize the tip of their tail when it strikes a hard surface are said to have “happy tail syndrome.” Every time they bang the tail, they cause more harm to the skin there. It also bleeds. A lot. While the dog is at rest, it might create a clot or scab, but as soon as the dog is up and wagging—or strikes something—the scab falls off, the wound cracks open, and the bleeding resumes.  It’s extremely frustrating.

Now what? Finding a means to shield the tail tip from the recurrent damage is a key component of happy tail syndrome treatment. You might be able to encourage it to heal if you can.

The key is creativity. These wild happy tails are difficult to maintain bandaged, and dogs aren’t always ready to do so. People have experimented with a wide variety of items, including pool noodles, toilet paper rolls, chopped water bottles, foam pipe insulating tubes, and syringe casings from your veterinarian. There are commercial kits that use cushioning devices that fit into a bandage on the tail to protect the dog’s tail.

Here are a few pointers: Try to keep it as light as you can. The likelihood that the bandage may go winging off with the wagging increases with its weight. I apply white first-aid tape that extends several inches down the tail before being incorporated into the bandage covering the wound. The goal is to increase the bandage’s “grab” so that it will adhere better. Make sure it’s not too tight! Keep the protective tube’s end open to allow air to flow to the tail tip.

Sadly, even if you are successful in helping your dog’s tail recover, it will probably reoccur again. You could try padding the walls, corners, and other surfaces where he constantly bumping his tail, but that’s difficult to accomplish and not very appealing when visitors are over. Only where there is room can you try to interact with your dog, but that is also impractical.

In Conclusion! Talk to your veterinarian about having the tail amputated if you can’t get it to mend or if you’re sick of returning home to a bloody scene straight out of a horror movie. If you go short enough, the surgery will take care of the traumatized tip and ensure that it never happens again. These dogs occasionally develop adorable tiny bob tails. You won’t get any blood splatter, and they are still free to wag as fiercely as they want.

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