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Breaking News – Think Twice (2) Before Using NSAIDS – A Must Read Article!

How Do NSAIDs Work?

They prevent prostaglandin synthesis (1). All cells in the body manufacture prostaglandins from fatty acids. Prostaglandins of many sorts regulate inflammation in the body.

An enzyme system transforms arachidonic acid into prostaglandins when tissue injury occurs. There are two forms of cyclooxygenase that perform this conversion: cox 1 and cox 2. NSAIDs can block cox 1, cox 2, or all of them.


What The Experts Say?

Aspirin and other should be avoided unless absolutely required because they usually result in gastritis or peptic ulcers.

Ibuprofen and others intended for human use are not suitable for use in dogs or cats. These medications cause deadly, severe intestinal and stomach ulcers.

Please take a minute to visit this website regarding NSAIDS, and the issue with giving them long term, as well as more in depth information about how they work in our patients. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/think-twice-before-using-nsaids/

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