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Success Stories Part 1

We love to hear from our customers and how we helped their amazing pets! If you have a story you would like to share with us we would love to hear them. Here are a few success stories from our customers. If you would like more information about our brace you can contact us through or contact form our reach out to us through our Facebook page.

Gunner, Lab, Lisa Paul, Canada – Success Story

Thank you so much for your support. The brace has changed his dog life. 7 months post injury and he is running again!! I thought I would share a video with you.

3 year old Victorian Bulldog – Princess Nala – Success Story

Hi y’all! My lil Princess Nala, a 3 year old Victorian Bulldog, was diagnosed with a CCL tear. I chose to go the conservative method and found Posh Brace in my research. Today we completed our fitting with our Posh Vet Tech and this is our first walk in the brace. I had received physical therapy and supplement guides in the email following our Face Time call for the fitting and I am excited to begin our journey with the Posh Knee Brace and support team.

success stories

Archer has lived at our Sanctuary for most of his life – Success Story

We are a non-profit, 501 c3 and have done dog rescue for over 20 years, for any dogs that couldn’t find a home we would keep them at our home sanctuary like our own with the very best care and love.

Archer is a 6 year old 120 pound German Shepherd Mountain Cur mix that ended up with us at only 10 months old untrained juvenile delinquent not adoptable to most people that don’t have years of experience and training with such dogs so he stayed here with us just like all the ones in the past and the remaining ones we have now that for some reason didn’t find the right home.

Archer is a work in progress and finally at his older age a fairly easy dog at 6 years old he’s now a senior since large dogs don’t live as long, usually at the 10 year mark. He’s a happy talk active dog that now can run some again with his brace on and run after the ball makes me happy to see him happy and able to do the things he did before he injured himself and without surgery.

That’s a very long recovery we have done it several times before with some of our dogs the brace works much better without having to cut in and then recover and after that do rehabilitation. I myself would highly recommend the Posh Brace Knee Brace you can check out Archers first Video on our site www.sadt.info with a YouTube link and new videos of him walking will be posted within the next 2 weeks and then monthly following.

Leo Brace from Posh Dog Knee Brace – UK – Success Story

Leo is healing so well, slow and steady wins the race, he las a long recovery ahead but he has gone from being totally lame 10 weeks ago to loving his life again. Posh Dog Knee Brace has given him back his independence and given me so much hope. Thank You

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