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Dog Knee Ligament Injuries – Posh Dog Knee Brace Provides #1 Solution for Non-Surgical Recovery Results

Did you know a Posh Dog Knee Brace can help your Dog recover from a torn knee ligament, CCL injury, or ACL...
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Canine Knee Injury? Brace Yourself #1 Breakthrough Information

Custom-made braces can help your dog after knee surgery - and can sometimes be used in place of surgery. Ten...
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Posh Dog Knee Brace Winter Performance All-inclusive – 1st Review

In February, we got a lot of snow and cold weather. Which is a perfect scenario to see how well...
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Tibial Thrust, what is a drawer test or ? Revealing

First off, I want to do a bit of anatomy explaining.  Dog’s, unlike people, walk on their toes.  Cool, right? ...
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Diagnosing a CCL tear in Dogs – Helpful Information

We get asked this question a lot, and wanted to see if we can answer some questions on diagnosing a...
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Atrophy – Resourceful Information

Hi!  Today I would like to talk about muscle atrophy in dogs, especially with CCL injuries.  One of the biggest...
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What is the CCL in a dog? – Resourceful

Today I would like to go over what a CCL in a dog is, as well as it’s function.  First...
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Powerful ways to train your dog to like the brace

Today let’s talk about how to train your dog to use or walk with the brace.  First, I want you...
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Dog Meniscus Injuries, and how they can heal Painless with a Posh Dog Knee Brace

Today we want to talk and educate you on Meniscus tears, and what they mean for your dog.  Say you...
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Bilaterals – Diagnosed

Today I would like to discuss bilateral injuries with you.  First off, once a patient has a CCL injury, there...
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Comprehensive Understanding of Adequan or Cartrophen

Let’s talk about Adequan today, and the many benefits it has!  Another name for it is Cartrophen, for those in...
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Surgery Vs. Brace Truth Revealed

Today I want to talk about surgery vs. bracing, and why we suggest bracing first.  First off, not every patient...
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Popular diet for dogs with a torn CCL

Today I would like to discuss diet, and what is best to feed a dog with a ligament injury.  I...
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Home Hazards for our puppies healing from a torn CCL and how to protect them.

I want to talk about possible home hazards today, and things that we can do to make the recovery process...
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Ultimate Brace Comparison

Today I want to do a quick brace comparisons with our brace vs. a hard casted brace.  We get asked...
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Rehab and Physical Therapy – Best Practices

Let’s talk about Rehab and Physical Therapy, and what the next few weeks will look like after a CCL injury...
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Discover Different Brace Myths

Hey everyone, today we want to discus all the different bracing myths out there, and try to clarify some of...
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Pain Relief and Supplements for dog’s with CCL injuries

Today I want to go over pain relief and supplements.  We have a lot of questions regarding supplements, and we...
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Moist Heat Vs. Ice Therapy: Breaking Information

Today I would like to talk about Moist Heat and icing, and when to use both of these.  So when...
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Let’s Talk About Scar Tissue! – #1 MUST READ

Today let’s go through a few questions regarding scar tissue.  I hear a lot of misconceptions regarding this topic, and...
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