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“Slipping” Brace – 5 Basic Questions

Hey guys!  I just wanted to make a note about brace “slipping” questions.  It came to my attention that some people were concerned about if our brace slips down.  Here are some things to consider if this happens.  Also, on small note, when sending us pics, always include a bent knee picture.  Sometimes what looks to be slipping on a straight leg picture, is actually a perfect knee center on a bent knee.  Something to keep in mind, bent knee is key! #slippingquestion


Things to know about Slipping Brace

1. When I did the fitting call with Lady and her brace, we initially have the top edge of the middle shell right at the tibial tuberosity bump.  It is completely normal for the brace to “adjust” down about 1 finger below this point.  This is because the joint center of the brace is finding the correct pivot point of the knee.  This is normal, and why we have you re-tighten the middle shell after 5-10 minutes into your walk.

2.  If the lower shell and pad stay above the hock (which is where they should be) then the brace is not truly slipping down.  We have designed our brace to stay on the ankle, and if it does slip down past the bend of the ankle, please let us know about it. 

There are a few reasons this may happen, number one being that the tensions were not correct.  number 2 is that the tibial shell may bee too short, number 3 being that the upper shell is too high in the groin (meaning that the belly or short femur may be causing the brace to slip down), number 4 is your dog sat/layed down on the brace, and possibly released the buckle levers, causing brace to loosen up.  All these scenerios we can help you with if having an issue, so that they do not happen again.

3. Please email us in service if you have any fit questions, as only one of our technicians will be able to help if you need an adjustment made.  Do not do any adjustments on your own, like moving shells, or there will be a charge to fix it (unless we have directed you to do so), and you may void your warranty.  You are welcome to shorten straps, though, without us:)

4. Trust us, we have fit over 6500+ patients in braces, we know what we are talking about, and we want what is best for your pup. 

5.  As always, if you have any concerns regarding the brace fit, you have our service phone number and email, and we will always get back to you within 24 hours.  If you have any questions before ordering a brace, send me a contact form, and I can answer any questions for you!  Thanks!! Also visit our Facebook page for more helpful tips.

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