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Success Stories Part 5

We love to hear from our customers and how we helped their amazing pets! If you have a story you would like to share with us we would love to hear them. Here are a few success stories from our customers. If you would like more information about our brace you can contact us through or contact form our reach out to us through our Facebook page.

Helping Dogs Around The World: Mike And Shirley P,
Parents Of Poppy, 4 Year Old Great Dane – Britain

Comment from Posh Dog Knee Brace: This is gorgeous Poppy, two days after she recieved her custom NO CASTING, waterproof Posh Dog Knee Brace. From the time her parents in England contacted us, until they had a Posh Brace on Poppys leg, it took only eleven days, including a 5 day hold in customs. Any other company takes at least a month or longer to deliver their product to Europe. 

“After being diagnosed with a cranial cruciate ligament rupture at our regular vets on her right hind leg, we looked at the options for poppy’s recovery. Not wanting to subject her to surgery and concerned that given her size and weight she may, under conservative management, damage her left leg ligaments.

It was after a lot of research on the internet we discovered custom leg braces. After speaking to a UK based american company we became very interested in leg braces and the support they give during the healing process.
At this point whilst looking at custom braces we discovered Posh Dog and were very impressed with the quality of the brace and the professional way in which the website presented.

The video we have attached shows Poppy enjoying herself after being kept in after several weeks. We must stress that this video shows Poppy wearing the brace for only the fourth time out and I think you can see that she is very happy to be free, it also shows how confident we are in your product.

Thank you all for your help

Mike and Shirley P.

p.s Next day she was playing with four small dogs in a river with no adverse affects apart from extreme tiredness.

Update May 1, 2017, After Posh sent a rebate for the great pics and vid of Poppy in the UK: 

Good morning Nikki 

We would just like to thank you so much for the refund for these pics you made to us ,it was very much appreciated. Poppy is doing so well and we can’t thank you enough for the knee brace that has helped her so much. We took her to our vets for her annual vaccination and check over on Friday and she was wearing her brace, we had told our vet that we were going to get a brace and he was so impressed when he saw Poppy!

He called three other colleagues to have a look at it and they were also very impressed. We have given him the website and he has told us he will be looking at it so hopefully he may contact you.

Kind regards,

Success Stories

Easy To Clean – Jenni C. Mom Of Boondock, A Handsome 7 Year Old Labrador
Lakeside, Ontario Canada ( We Help Lots Of Dogs In Canada)

“Posh Dog Knee Brace – Boondock has a partial acl tear (knee injury) and used to limp/cry in pain after any type of exercise. We would have to continuously rest his leg until he stopped limping. Surgery was quoted anywhere between 2500-5000 with 8-12 months on leash & restricted exercise. I found Posh Dog Knee Brace and ordered a brace.

Only after a couple weeks I have noticed a big difference. He can participate in extensive exercise (running/playing/jumping/climbing/swimming) & after removing the brace he does not limp. He is now starting to put weight back on his leg. I also didn’t notice how slow he was running with his injury until his brace came. It is also super easy to clean with just water (boon loves the mud).

Posh customer service is amazing as they go out of their way to help you measure and accurately fit the brace with two video calls (company from the states) & guidelines/instructions on how to adequately measure your pup. With pictures & a video, Posh determined Boon needed adjustments to his brace for better fitting, which is to be followed up with a video call.

It also shipped in less then a week, which is quicker than anything I’ve ordered in Canada. If you are looking for a more cost effective & simpler alternative to surgery, I highly recommend. I can’t thank the Posh company enough for giving me my dog’s life back, he is so happy!

No Casting – And Their Experience With Their Vet: – Brenda & Michael,
Parents Of Annie, 12 Year Old Australian Shepherd – Southern California

Note From Posh Dog Knee Brace: Following is a letter a recent customer sent us, regarding her interaction with her vet and about her interaction with our company. This particular vet was very rude to these people and demanded that their 12 YEAR old Dog undergo TPLO surgery. The severe complication rate of anesthesia in geriatric Dogs is about 700% [seven times] worse than younger Dogs.

We went through a similar experience with a very similar vet in 2013, which led to the creation of Posh Dog Knee Brace. Our former vet also insisted on giving very toxic and dangerous NSAIDS like rimadyl to our Beloved Golden Pasha [which we refused to do]. There are many good vets out there, but if you have a vet like this one, we hope that you also: fire that vet!

​”Dear Nikki,

Thank you for the email regarding physical therapy information for Annie and the recommended supplements we talked about. You asked us to keep in touch and let you know how things went with the veterinarian today, so here goes. 😏

We went to our Vet at 11:00 today after our 9:00 Skype call with you. It was interesting and eye opening, to say the least. The younger female assistant who came in the room to see Annie first had never seen a brace like Annie’s or heard anything about bracing for dogs with ACL injuries. She didn’t say much at all about Annie’s brace. You could tell she was very skeptical. When the actual doctor came in he refused to even acknowledge that there was a brace lying on the examination table waiting for his comment. It was apparently invisible to him even though I thought he would have noticed the bright teal color of it.

He entered the room talking in a very chastising tone and the first thing he said was that the turmeric paste I had purchased was worthless because it didn’t say how many milligrams of turmeric were in each tablespoon. His words were, “This is junk!” Okay. That’s fair. Maybe it was, I guess, but his tone of voice and body language made it very apparent that he was NOT happy with the research I had done or the decision we had made, on our own, to go with a more conservative treatment for Annie.

He also let us know, in no uncertain terms, that our efforts of feeding her turmeric paste and taking her off of the prescription anti-inflammatories was just wrong and not very bright on our part! He insinuated that we were these poor, pathetic, gullible dog owners that had spent time and money on something that was just ridiculous and poor Annie was now paying the price for our inept efforts to heal her more naturally. During our first appointment, after he looked at X-Rays, he told us that Annie had torn her ACL in her left, rear, back knee.

At this second visit, without any further tests, he stated that she had come to see him originally for a “completely blown ACL”. Hmmm…that was a different diagnosis. If we had seen so much improvement in Annie using her Posh brace and witnessed her ability to walk nearly normal with it on, then how could her ACL be worse now than a month ago?

He was in the room about 10 to15 minutes total. He said Annie was 6 pounds overweight although he never mentioned that before. Granted she had gained 2 pounds from lack of normal activity since her last visit, but he acted as if she was grossly obese!

He then proceeded to tell us that if we couldn’t achieve 4 pounds of weight loss that he would be forced (and so would we, I guess) to put her on a prescription dry kibble diet food for weight management that would expand in her stomach so that she would eat less and therefore lose weight. I didn’t think that sounded like a healthy option, at all.

The food we currently feed her was invented by 2 veterinarians and is made with all fresh FDA quality ingredients with no preservatives. They cook and prepare it daily on site from all fresh ingredients. It has chicken, rice, kale, potatoes, carrots, Apple’s and blueberries.

Sometimes we switch it out for the lamb and rice for variety. Since she’s been eating this food she loves for over a year she seems so much more healthy and energetic. That combined with the organic milk thistle we add to her food 3 times a day, and her liver functions have returned to almost normal.

Prior to us making the switch to “Just Food For Dogs” her liver functions were sky high and she would throw up yellow bile and have shaking spells on an almost daily basis! It was awful!

Okay. I’ll try to make what could be an even longer story shorter. The doctor acted as if we were ignorant and made absolutely no comment on her brace, nor did he ask any questions about it. It was apparently invisible to him even though you would think the bright teal color would have caught his eye. He left the room without even acknowledging the brace at all.

He did, of course, mention surgery. We were told that she absolutely had to go back on prescription anti-inflammatories and gabapentin, even though I had told him she had very high liver function tests in the past and that when she was on the anti-inflammatory drugs she had stopped eating, got diarrhea and was throwing up. He did not want to hear anything I had to say.

So we left with 2 more prescriptions that she can’t and shouldn’t take that were about $115.00, along with instructions to put her back on opiates. That’s not going to happen. He never said ONE word about her Posh Knee Brace.

When I asked the assistant, who came back in after the doctor had finished his speech and left the room, what he thought of the brace she got embarrassed and mumbled something I couldn’t understand. You could tell that the last thing she wanted to do was go ask him. From his attitude and actions it was crystal clear he was not happy with us! He was rude, impatient, talked over me and was very demeaning.

So, what do I think after this experience with the vet? I think he is arrogant, rude and likes to feel superior to his clients, (after all, how could we possibly know anything about Annie after taking care of her everyday for only 13 years. I mean we aren’t doctors!) as well as not liking to admit that there is something he doesn’t know anything about or understand. I’m also even more grateful that I did my own research and made the decision to order a knee brace for Annie from your company!

I don’t know if I’m the first dog parent who’s been treated this way for trying a more natural, conservative treatment approach for an older senior dog, but what I do know is this; that is the last time he will have the opportunity to talk down to me and act as if I am stupid and harming my dog more than I’m helping her! I’m sorry!

I guess this did end up being a long story, after all! However, I would like to say thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your help and information you have given to us so that we can be even more educated and active than before in Annie’s recovery. I believe, without a doubt, we are doing what is right and best for our dog.

Brenda and Michael

UPDATE June 2017: 

“Hi! We just wanted to give you an update on Annie since we last spoke. She started wearing her POSH knee brace for her daily walks about 2 months ago. In that time we have seen so much improvement and healing. She is now able to go for walks to her favorite place; the park. She is wonderful about letting us put her brace on because that means she’s going for an adventure.

I’ve included a video update of her progress so you can see how much improvement she has experienced. The beginning was so hard because she had torn her ACL and I could tell Annie was in a tremendous amount of pain.

I am so grateful that I didn’t follow advice from the Vet that she should have the standard, traumatic, expensive and risky surgery. Seeing her excited to go for walks again is awesome! Thank you again for your support. Purchasing the POSH KNEE BRACE, for Annie, who just turned 13, was absolutely the right decision. We have our happy Annie back and that is the best result ever! 

I would love to be able to share our story with others who are considering that traumatic, painful, expensive Surgery that doesn’t always turn out so well. We preferred a non-surgical, less invasive procedure and your innovative knee brace made that possible. I am so thankful I took the time to research other treatment options. I want to say thank you again. Annie is thankful too, from the bottom of her heart! Your company and your product has been a godsend for us!

Brenda, Michael and. Annie
Annie coming home after her walk.”

Annie having her bath in her POSH knee brace
Annie: Happy and DRY.

No Casting Required. – Kristen, Mom of Rosie, 6 ? Year Old Border Collie – WA

Comment from Posh Dog Knee Brace: Following is a note a customer sent to us about their beloved Dog Rosie, who suffered from a cranial cruciate ligament rupture in her left hind leg back in 11/15. Instead of Dog knee surgery, they decided to treat Rosie conservatively with a custom Dog knee brace. Like all of our customers, Kris and Ross did not have to go through the ordeal of paying to make a cast, or trying to find a vet who would even make one.

We sent Rosies’ custom Posh Brace out within a few days of Kristens’ contact with us. Rosie is doing great and, just as we did in 2013 with our Beloved Angel Pasha, her parents are being careful to avoid activity which can cause re-injury (which BTW, is quite common even after surgery). As we do with EVERY Dog, we took care of Rosie just like she was our Dog ].

“We wanted to give you an update on Rosie’s condition.

In November of 2015 Rosie was diagnosed with a probable cruciate ligament tear which we suspect happened during frisbee playing.  She had a pronounced limp and frequently would struggle to rise after lying down.

After a lot of research we opted for conservative management, and in late November we began using a custom-made brace created for Rosie by Posh Dog.  We also started her right away on GlycoFlex Level 3 supplement for her joints which we will keep her on for the rest of her life.

We put Rosie on a gradually increasing exercise program beginning with a 5-minute walk twice a day for a week, and increasing this by 5-minute increments each week as long as we didn’t see any indications that she was having a setback.  When she wasn’t on her walk with her brace on, she was in the house with us or tied on a short lead outside so as to prevent her from doing any running.  We only put the brace on when she was going for her twice-daily walks.

After the first few days and a bit of adjustment, we found the brace pretty easy to put on and take off.  It took a few weeks before Rosie became accepting of having the brace put on, and we discovered that it was much easier if we did it with her lying down rather than standing.  She seemed less upset about having it put on that way.

We kept Rosie on this regimen for somewhere between 5 and 6 months.  In the spring we experimented with taking Rosie on a very short walk without the brace on around our home, keeping her on a leash so she had to stay at a quiet walk.  This went well and we began increasing her walking program without the brace on, using the same schedule of increased walking time that we had earlier.  As it happens, Rosie made great progress from that point forward and by mid summer was allowed to be outside unrestrained in our yard.

So now, in January of 2017, Rosie is about 14 months past her original diagnosis, and there is no sign of the limp that was originally quite significant.  She also no longer has episodes where she intermittently appears stiff after a good round of activity which she had in the earlier months after discontinuing the brace.  Basically she is more fully recovered than we ever really expected her to be.

We don’t play long frisbee with her anymore; there is no doubt in our minds that the jumping, landing impact, cutting and pivoting is a high risk activity for her (and probably any dog).  So we throw the frisbee 3-4 feet directly at her while we are at sitting level, and she seems quite happy with that.  We have purchased a ramp so she won’t be jumping in and out of the car anymore.  Other than that, she is back to a normal life.

We appreciate the care and attention we were offered by your company when we purchased the Posh Dog brace.  The brace itself was well-made and held up well throughout the twice-a-day winter walks in the wet Pacific Northwest.   For anyone considering a conservative bracing program as an alternative to surgery, we can wholeheartedly recommend Posh Dog.

 From Rosie and her pack, Kris & Ross

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