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Success Stories Part 7

We love to hear from our customers and how we helped their amazing pets! If you have a story you would like to share with us we would love to hear them. Here are a few success stories from our customers. If you would like more information about our brace you can contact us through or contact form our reach out to us through our Facebook page.

Rosie, Lab, Jim Smith, Englewood OH

I have been very impressed with the Posh Knee Brace. Speaking with you a number of times before purchasing the knee brace for our dog as I told you on the phone when we spoke as an Exercise Physiologist and understanding the human physiology and movement you were able to explain to me how the brace works on a canine. I was very impressed by our conversations. I was also able to talk to 3 different veterinarians about the surgery compared to the brace. Two of the three liked the idea of trying the brace first and seeing if our dog improved, one wanted to only do surgery.

A couple of issues with braces in the past.

Braces slip — Well I can tell you Posh has not slipped on us once since we were trained on Tuesday Nov 23.

Dogs. chew it, bite it — Well our dog has had zero issues

Dogs do not like it — After the first day our dog does not mind us putting it on her at all

This past week we have been able to work with her and we have seen the improvement. Her gait is improving with the brace and without. Her leg strength and flexibility is improving daily. I have been very impressed with it seeing her improvement. I am taking her to a couple of veterinarians so they can see how this brace works instead of surgery. Hopefully, they will like it too.

Jim Smith

Bilateral Cruciate Injury And Full Recovery With No Surgery:
Sanj B., Mom of Mahi, 4 Year Old Lab/Pit Mix, Fremont CA

Mahi, our PitLab mix girl had a full Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) rupture on her rear left knee in Feb 2016, when she was only 3 years old. We consulted couple of OrthoVets who are considered Best in the industry. Everyone of them recommended the dreaded TPLO surgery. Being an intuitive dog Mom, we decided to take the long, sometimes frustrating Holistic treatment route, and thus, started our research to find a Knee Brace that can help in our ACL journey. (Of course with an open mind, in case the holistic treatment fails, we will go the surgery route).

Given the varied options of Dog Knee braces out there, we were confused which one to pick for Mahi. Posh was recommended to us by an acquaintance. After speaking with Jim (owner) and Rick (Technician), we placed the order for our 1st brace. I was amazed how invested Posh is in our Dog’s well-being. We were just not a ‘Sale Account’ for them! They ensured the brace fits Mahi properly; they did frequent check-ins to make sure we don’t have any issue; they provided their recommendations on supplements, exercises, and many other stuff.

https://youtu.be/QZAQx29wMkU : The 1st Video shows Mahi’s condition before we got her the Posh Knee brace. Fast forward to today, June 2017, Mahi is going REGULARLY for close to 2 miles Hike on an uneven terrain. She also started playing fetch (briefly) – a game she loved and enjoyed before her accident. Thanks to POSH for helping our Girl be what she is…. a DOG, who loves to run and play with other dogs. I couldn’t even think of letting her run the way she is doing without those amazing Knee Braces!

https://youtu.be/Om4D4KkIils – Mahi enjoying to be a DOG, thanks to POSH

​https://youtu.be/3ncojGjprI0 – Mahi loving being the Guard dog along with her Big Brother, Casper.

THANK YOU POSH. Much Love and Wags from our family to your entire team for being the AWESOME TEAM/COMPANY that you are.

Success Stories about our Posh Dog Knee Brace if your dog experiences a CCL/ACL tear or issues with their knees contact us at (509) 412-3065

9th Birthday Celebration At The Beach (& No Casting!) ​
Gisell V, Mom Of Ollie, 9 Year Old Lab, Virginia 

NOTE From Posh Dog Knee Brace:  Our Beloved Golden Angel Pasha had a complete rupture of her CCL and a severely damaged meniscus in her left hind leg in May 2013. Each day, we had been taking her to St. Augustine beach to play since 2007. From the very first Posh brace we put on Pasha in 2013, we designed our Posh brace to be marine proof, including salt water. It is wonderful to see Ollie frolicking at the beach wearing his flexible, salt water proof Posh Brace! 

“When we first found Posh Dog Knee brace, we were skeptical; could it be that great? Well, we researched it a bit further. All of the reviews were positive (and the videos do not lie!). We decided to contact them for more information. From the beginning their customer services has been honest, quick, and, most importantly, consistent. They answered all my questions and it did not feel like just another sale, so we decided to move forward with the purchase.

In less than 2 months, Ollie has made incredible progress. We understand the healing process for all dogs is different, but nothing beats having Posh available to answer all our questions. I know that I can email them at any time and I will get an honest and quick answer to help my boy.

Ollie celebrated his 9th birthday swimming naturally with his brace on and this is only possible because of Posh; Ollie is enjoying himself and being a dog WHILE he recovers. I am forever thankful for Posh.”

Another Great Story. – Randy, Father Of April, 3 Year Old Adorable Tripawd – Tennessee

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – ​Aprils’ father, Randy contacted us late Saturday evening on October 22, 2016. By Wednesday October26, 2016, this absolutely adorable girl April, was wearing a custom Posh Dog Knee Brace. It took us 3 days, not 3 weeks, to help April. This is because we have eliminated casting and are faster than any other custom Dog knee brace company, on the planet!

Not only do we make the best CCL brace, but we make sure it fits with a free video call with one of our superb Veterinary Technicians, as we did with April. Our passion is helping Dogs, and we would love to help yours.

“April is a mixed breed female tri-pawed, that we originally fostered for The Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. We failed at fostering and adopted into our family. She is a little over 3 years old with 4 surgeries currently under her collar. Three of the them on the same leg. You can follow her story on Facebook @Ionlyneedtwolegs (April’s Story).

About a year ago, we noticed her favoring her good rear leg. The diagnosis, a twisted CCL. We tried various remedies, laser therapy, massage, swimming, but each time she would eventually start favoring that leg. Very discouraging since surgery would be her only option, and well outside our budget. We questioned if any type of brace would help, but was told none existed. Luckily we saw a story on custom fitted braces for dogs diagnosed with a CCL injury. We contacted Posh Dog Knee Brace http://www.poshdogkneebrace.com/.

Although it was late on a Monday by the time we had all of the pictures and measurements approved/submitted, with rush delivery, we had the Posh Dog Knee Brace before noon on Wednesday. When the brace arrived the instructions and videos made it easy to ensure properly wearing. With a follow up Skype chat with the Vet Tech confirmed it was on correctly. Posh Dog Knee Brace has been available each step of the way.

Prior to receiving her brace April would stand on 2 legs with her injured leg shaking. The hip muscle was tight, and a noticeable loss of muscle tone. After 4 weeks of wearing the brace she is using the leg, the muscle is relaxed, and muscle is returning. Her mental attitude and zest for life has fully returned. She even seems to look forward to wearing the brace.

April is happy that we chose Posh Dog Knee Brace, and that they have provided her with a non-surgical solution. Without this option, we were beginning to feel a sense of failure in keeping the commitment to her care when we made her a member of the family.

From A Great Dane Breeder – Kelly, Mom Of Buddy, 14 Mth. Old Great Dane

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – ​Kelly shows and breeds gorgeous, healthy Great Danes. Please read her story about her experience with Posh Dog Knee Brace and one of our superb Licensed Veterinary Technicians. Helping injured Dogs recover from a painful cruciate injury – with NO surgery – is what we love to do!

“Our Journey on the Cruciate Injury Trail

On July 21, 2017 our then 14.5 month old Brindle Great Dane Buddy presented with an injury to his right rear leg. We first thought he pulled something or just landed wrong causing soreness after being outside in the dog yard playing. After 3 days of seeing no improvement we took him in to our vet to see what was going on. After researching we had a good idea that it was a cruciate injury but we were hoping for the best. It was in fact a partial cruciate ligament tear of the right knee.

Course of treatment was strict crate rest, a round of Ad e quan injections, supplements and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy sessions weekly. I also wanted to look into braces for him for that added stability so that his leg had extra support when he went out on a leash or even in the house when he wasn’t in his crate. 

Posh Dog Knee Braces came highly recommended by many and was my choice based off of construction alone. Buddy is a show dog and he needed a brace that would fit him well, was lightweight, very strong and flexible so that once cleared by our vet he could start getting fit again for the show ring and still be able to wear his brace on a continued basis for extra support.

Luckily a long time good friend of ours happened to have a Posh Dog Knee Brace that was for her Dane Admiral who is very close in size to Buddy. Thanks to Jami A. we were able to use a Posh Dog Knee Brace until we could purchase Buddy’s. This alone secured the fact that a Posh Dog Knee Brace was the best brace option for Buddy. I could not have asked for better customer service within a company like what we received. They made the purchase smooth and Jami came out to our house to measure Buddy for his and also came back out to make sure it fit him perfectly.

Fast forward to October 16, 2017 which was 13 weeks and 3 days post injury Buddy was cleared by Dr. Lori Cavitt at Henderson Animal Care Hospital to return to the show ring once he was fit. She was almost shocked at the quick healing time for Buddy. Between Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, the Posh Dog Knee Brace and being very strict with him during his recovery, Dr. Cavitt mentioned that his healing was phenomenal for only being injured 13 weeks prior.

I can’t say enough nice things about the brace and the company itself. When any pet gets injured it’s tough seeing them hurt and being able to help reduce the strain of that injury and get them back to 100% means the world to their owner. I know it did for us. To be able to have Buddy return to the show ring at all, much less 13 weeks post injury is a godsend. Thank you Posh Dog for building a quality brace that was an integral part of Buddy’s recovery and will continue to help him through out his life when he needs extra support.

Kelly & Shawn F.
KindleFire Great Danes
Exhibitors of AKC Great Danes in Conformation, Obedience & Rally”

Custom Modification – Jamie, Parent Of Tilly, 5 Y.O. Terrier Mix. CA & UK

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – ​Jamie contacted us about her 20 Lb. Terrier Mix, Tilly, in July 2017. Typically

smaller Dogs leg topography can present a fitting issue. We gladly modified Tilly’s small brace, using new designs, until it fit perfectly. All at no extra charge.

“Posh Dog Knee Brace operates out of Palm Coast, Florida and produces knee braces for dogs who have suffered from CCL, ACL or other leg injuries.

I purchased one of their braces after having no luck with a similar company (Mutt Knee Dog Brace, the review is on their Yelp page if you are interested.) I found them online and saw some positive reviews on Facebook.

My wife and I decided to use this kind of treatment after ruling out surgery as we felt it would be too invasive and the risks were too great. Our vet basically told me that there was no guarantee that surgery would be beneficial and that recovery would take months anyway. We didn’t want to put my dog through the stress of surgery and the rehabilitation period, so opted for a brace instead. The brace itself was only about $200 cheaper than surgery would have been but we still felt that it was the right way to go.

Our dog is a 20lb chihuahua mix and her small size makes forming a proper brace somewhat of a challenge. Her CCL was badly torn in the rear left leg. She had been limping for about 3 months because the previous brace gave her no support and the vet insisted that surgery was the only option.

PDKB were really helpful every step of the ordering process. There was an initial skype measurement consultation with an affiliated vet tech to ensure that the owner takes the correct measurements. After the measurements were recorded I waited about a week for the brace to arrive. Unfortunately, the brace didn’t fit quite right and was sent back to PDKB to be adjusted. When I got it back PDKB set up another Skype consultation but it still wasn’t fitting properly.

The next thing I know, the owner of the company Skyped me and walked me through everything, taking a bunch of notes on the fit of the brace. I sent it back one last time for an adjustment and when I got it back, had another skype consultation to check that everything was working right. PDKB held my hand through the entire process and never made me feel like I was an inconvenience. Everyone really seemed to care about my dog’s recovery.

The brace itself is a simple polymer shell with an EVA foam type lining that is stitched together. The pieces are riveted together with nylon webbing, velcro, and D straps allowing for adjustment. It’s not a medical grade job or a mass-produced medical accessory. It’s clearly handmade, but I couldn’t care less about that. The thing is well thought out, provides plenty of support to the leg and allows for adjustment as the leg regains muscle mass. This was an important factor in choosing this particular brace because my dog’s leg had atrophied due to the injury.

My dog has been using the brace for about 6 weeks now and she’s gone from not bearing any weight at all to walking normally with and without the brace. I still ensure that she wears the brace on walks as it provides a lot of lateral support, but she runs around the house and even stands on her rear legs without the need for the brace.

I honestly wasn’t sure about PDKB after my terrible experience with the Mutt Knee Brace but I’m glad I opted to go this route instead of getting the surgery.

The recovery she’s made has been miraculous. There was a time when I didn’t know if she would ever walk normally, let alone run, again. Now she’s playing fetch and going swimming as if nothing ever happened.

The one criticism I do have about PDKB is that their website really needs a better UI/UX design. It looks like an Angelfire website from the late 90s. A lot of spammy text, not much transparency. It left me initially very hesitant to buy the brace.

For example, a video of a vet talking about the brace but no actual address for the company or name of the owner. I even know the name of the owner’s dog Pasha, who suffered a leg injury and was the first dog to recover by using a PDKB (so the story goes.) To me this seems like they don’t want to be held legally responsible for dogs who don’t recover. I had to sign a bunch of paperwork during the process so I think the company is covered in this regard. There needs to be a more personal touch. Is it bad for business if this thing wasn’t invented by a vet? I don’t think so. There are already videos of vets who give their stamp of approval. Why does it matter if the guy who founded the company isn’t a vet?

If I knew the name of the owner (the guy who helped me on Skype, sorry, forgot his name) I would thank him personally for creating this contraption! Job well done!”

Additional Note From Posh: We use Velcro, not micro-buckles on smaller Dogs, due to limited space. We totally agree with Jamie about our website and we are going to launch a new state-of-the-art site before August 2018. (We loved her analysis of our current site – so true!) We also apologize for failing to name the owners of PoshDogKneeBrace.com / Posh Ortho Dog Inc. – Jim and Beth Morrison, Pasha’s parents. We thank Jamie for her constructive analysis!

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