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Keep your pet off of Santa’s bad list right up until his arrival! It’s the holiday season!

It’s likely that your furry family member will be present to take part in the celebrations when everyone is gathered around the tree to open gifts and spread joy and laughter. However, your pet might find the ideal moment to cause some trouble while everyone is preoccupied with presenting gifts and playing with new toys.

Once your animals get into the holiday spirit, you never know what they’ll do! Keep in mind these easy advices to keep your dog safe this holiday season!

Your tree is probably going to be the focal point of the celebrations this year, but it may also be a tremendous temptation for your dog! Make careful to hang the shiny tinsel, bright lights, and ornaments in the shape of tennis balls out of reach of your animal pets. Some mischievous dogs could still attempt to jump on the tree, so leaving something noisy, like crumpled aluminum foil or a bottle filled with tiny objects, can alert the dancer of imminent danger. Additionally, if you have a live tree, make sure to pick up all of the fallen needles since if consumed, they can cause serious stomach discomfort in your pet.

Your pet’s health and safety are at risk from holiday plants other than trees. Keep in mind that plants like holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias are harmful to dogs, so keep them out of reach!

It could be a good idea to inspect all electrical decorations, both indoors and outdoors. To prevent your furry pals from getting caught and creating a mess, tape the wires to the wall!

When it’s time to unwrap presents, be sure to have a garbage bag on hand to dispose of wrapping paper, twine, and tape as soon as they’re no longer required.

It might be wise to confine your pet to a comfortable area with access to water if you’re expecting a large number of guests, at least until the ruckus dies down. Before your guests arrive, you might want to review your dog’s obedience commands; we don’t want Grandma to trip over a huge, puppy hug! Additionally, it’s crucial to let your visitors know they shouldn’t give your pets any table food. You wouldn’t want your dog to eat too much and have to spend the rest of the holidays taking care of their stomach ache, even if some foods aren’t particularly dangerous to them.

The team at Posh Dog Knee Brace hopes that these simple reminders allow your pet to have fun with the family this holiday season! If you would like any information on our brace you can reach out to us via our contact form or visit our Facebook page.


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