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Braces for Dogs – Important #1 MUST READ

Hey guys, let’s talk about different braces for dogs that are out there.  We will go over the cheaper, over the counter options, as well as custom braces, and casted braces, and which may be the better option for your and your furry best friend.  First, before purchasing or looking for any type of brace for your dog, please make sure the injury is in the knee.  There are other issues that can look just like knee injuries, however, it may be something else going on. So, always have your dog checked out by a Veterinarian or naturalpath before purchasing any orthotic for your dog.

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First, let’s talk about softer braces for dogs

You know, the ones you can find on chewy or amazon, sometimes even online, that advertise amazing results for under $200.  Sounds great, right?  Well, truthfully these products are not meant for full stability.  If your dog has a minor strain or sprain, and just needs to take things easy for a couple of weeks, a lot of people feel they need to get right in there and put a soft brace on their dog.  This can actually cause the injury to worsen, cause rubbing sores, and really did not do anything to help your poor dog. 

While they may be budget friendly, they really are not in the end.  More than 80% of people that purchase these “non refundable” soft braces online end up getting a custom orthotic anyways.  Sadly, some of these companies are charging up to $500 for these non-custom products, promising great results.  Don’t fall for these, anything that needs a strap or stirrup to go up over the back or connect to a collar or harness is not a custom product, and will not work long term for your dog’s injury. 

If your dog only has a small sprain, just let them recover by keeping them quiet and leashed for a few weeks, and they will be just fine, no need to spend your money on soft braces.  Unlike with people, a dog knee is just too angled for these to fit properly without the need for straps, and they will not stay up.

Second, let’s discuss casted hard braces for dogs

You will see a few companies that try to say casted braces are the only way to go custom.  Well, that is not necessarily correct.  If you are in a local area for one of these places, and are able to go into their manufacturing facilities to have them actually do the cast, then you may be ok, however, in our experience, even veterinarians get casts wrong, and this can be a huge headache.  Then, you will need to remake your appointment at the vet’s office, possibly re-sedate your poor dog, and remake the cast again.  And if your dog has hair, this can be quite a painful process. 

Then, if all of that is finally finished, you now have a hard plastic, not forgiving, brace.  How would you like to have hard plastic up against your sensitive areas/groin?  Or on the soft tissue of your ankle?  And you can imagine that if your dog starts to get back into walks and gains muscle back, now there is a new issue.  The brace was made for your dog’s leg circumference at the time of casting, but if your dog looses weight or gains muscle, the brace no longer will fit, and you are looking at a lot of modifications, or most likely the need to completely remake the brace.  Not really cost effective anymore, is it?

Next, and saving the best for last, is the custom Posh Dog knee Brace. 

You can tell that this brace was made with our dog’s comfort and daily activities in mind.  There is no need for casting, we do everything through our proprietary computer software, that allows us to make a perfect fitting dog knee brace the first time.  Also, our custom dog knee brace will last you for the rest of your dog’s life.  It is waterproof, weather proof, easy to care for, comfortable, and actually made with decades of experienced hands. 

Not only that, but we do a fitting video call with all of our clients, so you get to have one on one time with our certified veterinary technicians to help with physical therapy, walk schedules, and supplements.  No other company offers this, for free, with the brace.  I know, right?  Posh is one of a kind, as there is no hard plastic touching your poor dog’s sensitive areas.  Most people comment that they want us to make them a brace, as it is so well made!  The semi-rigid shells provide support for the knee, without taking away the comfort.

So, there you have it!  The 3 types of braces for dogs.  Let us know if you have any questions!

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