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Success Stories Part 6

We love to hear from our customers and how we helped their amazing pets! If you have a story you would like to share with us we would love to hear them. Here are a few success stories from our customers. If you would like more information about our brace you can contact us through or contact form our reach out to us through our Facebook page.

Another Non-Surgical Full Recovery From A Bilateral Injury
Jaye, Dad of Roxy, 5 Y. O. Bernese Mountain Dog – Brentwood CA

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – Roxy is a 5 year old gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, who was not weight bearing because of her bilateral CCL injuries less than a year ago. Her vet resoundingly said: “a knee brace for Dogs will not work, and stressed TPLO surgery.” Instead of the debilitating TPLO surgery, her father, Jaye, put two Posh Braces on her. Take a look at her now – and here are Jayes’ comments:​

“Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that Roxy is nearly 100%!!! It’s been 11 months since her first CCL and meniscus tear and 9 months since her 2nd. Here’s a really terrible video of her walking without any braces. It’s hard to believe she was completely non weight bearing before. I can’t thank you all enough and I can’t believe more people don’t opt for this route vs the terrible TPLO. Believe it or not I still haven’t convinced our original vet that this worked but our new vet is sold!!! Thank the entire team for us!!”

Jaye P. 

Healing A Bilateral In Japan – Robin, Mom Of Zeke, 18 Mth. Old Japanese Akita – Japan

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – ​Robin contacted us about her handsome baby Zeke, who suffered a bilateral injury. They are in the US Air Force and stationed in Japan, 7,720 miles from us in Florida. With no casting, we had a pair of custom Posh braces sent out to Zeke, within 2 days of Robin doing a facetime call with our lead Veterinary Technician, Nikki. We help Dogs around the world, and can get our custom Posh Brace out to a customers across the globe in less than 10 days, not a month +, like other custom Dog knee brace companies!

I am beyond pleased with the Posh Dog Knee Brace team. From day one they were so understanding of our time difference, since we are stationed overseas in Japan. They worked with me to make sure we had a good time that worked for both of us and even offered to have us video call with a technician from another time zone! When on video chat they helped me remeasure what was needed for Zeke’s brace and explained why we needed each measurement. It was not any awkward conversations during the video chats which is always such a pleasure! It was easy and fun to communicate with the crew.

Zeke has shown so much improvement since purchasing the bilateral knee brace. He is now able to have his energy binges without me trying to get him to not put pressure on his knees! The brace’s construction and custom details to fit his exact legs are superb. Thank you to the company and team for your hospitality and work in helping my big guy walk again! 

Also, I mentioned that someone referred to me to the company because they bought their dog a brace from you guys. I just want to make sure she receives her reward. Her name is Mindy V. (Note from Posh – Mindy was sent her reward of $85 for referring Zeke, a bilateral to us.)

Thank you,
Robin K. – U.S. Air Force, Japan

Success Stories

Salt Water Proof. – Carole, Mom Of Jesse, 18 Mth. Old Giant Schaunzer – Arizona

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – ​A Posh brace is not only waterproof, it is salt water proof. Jesse is wearing a black Posh brace on his left hind leg. Around the 20 – 30 second mark you can see it on his left hind leg. Jesse did NOT endure surgery and he is NOT sitting in a cage with a painful horrible scar; instead Jesse is having loads of fun running on the beach at Del Mar CA, playing with other dogs, and recovering from his Dog knee injury with a Posh brace. We want to help your Dog avoid surgery also!

1st Note from Carole: “Just a quick note to tell you how much improvement we see in Jesse. He actually likes the brace and he is walking fairly solid on all fours. We plan to take him to the beach in mid October. Will try to get pictures then and even now as he works as a service dog. We are thrilled with his progress. 

Thanks for all your help. I’ve never felt alone in this nightmare.

Carole & Jesse”

2nd Note from Carole: “The Giant Schnauzer you see in this video is Jesse James. Jesse is 21 months old. He certified as a Service Dog and as a Therapy Dog when he was 14 months old. This summer, Jesse suffered an ACL tear and was unable to put any weight on his left hind foot. He was also lame on the R. front leg due to the extra weight it had to carry. He was in so much pain and could barely move. We did not want to do the suggested surgery and after spending hours on the computer, we found the POSH KNEE BRACE site. 

The brace arrived within a week of ordering it in August 2016. Jesse wears this brace twice a day for 1-2 hours and definitely when we exercise him in any way. This video was taken October 21, 2016. Jesse is wearing the brace in this video. You can see how stable and secure Jesse is today. He actually likes his brace! What a drastic change in two months. Still wearing the brace, Jesse will return to his Service dog status and Therapy dog service. 

I highly recommend this extremely well-made brace and the service that follows. Outstanding company who really cares for our dogs.’

No Casting Required. – Mona, A Special 8 Year Old Girl With 3 Legs – Kentucky

FROM: PoshDogKneeBrace.com – ​Monas’ Mom and Dad contacted Posh Dog Knee Brace on February 28, 2016. Their beautiful girl had her right forearm amputated because of osteosarcoma in mid-January 2016. Then barely a month later, she suffered a complete rupture of her right hind leg cranial cruciate ligament. She literally could not stand, as her entire right side legs were gone. Having lost our Beloved Golden Pasha to cancer in December, we were acutely sensitive to the feelings of Monas’ parents.

We heard of her moving plight on Sunday 2/28, when we usually don’t work. But Mona could not walk, so that was our priority. Monas’ parents took the simple measurements and pictures of Monas’ leg and emailed those to us. From hundreds of miles away, and without seeing Mona in person, we custom made Monas’ CCL brace on Monday and overnighted her stifle brace to her. On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, gorgeous Mona was walking again. No archaic casting of Monas’ leg was needed – and we custom made another great fitting Posh Dog Knee Brace!

She had seen enough problems the month before, so we wanted her to start being a lovely Goldendoodle again! Well, here she is walking again, being Mona. We are so glad we could help her, and in record time! In just 2 days – she had a custom Posh Dog Knee Brace on her leg. Let us help your Dog avoid surgery, by recovering with our state of the art Dog leg brace!

No Casting Required. – Mare, Mom of Twizzle, 7 YO Adorable Terrier – MI

Comment from Posh Dog Knee Brace: Our customer, Filmmaker Mare Costello, has made a wonderful short film about her adorable girl Twizzle and her non-surgical recovery from a severe CCL injury, wearing her Posh Dog Knee Brace!]

“Twizzle, the wonder dog and actress, has been through a lot since the end of last November when she was chasing a squirrel half way down our block leading to a diagnoses of a stage 3 CCL (ACL in human terms) tear. Surgery was immediately suggested which when I found out how much the cheapest costs, how 75% of the dogs tear the other, not to mention, the kind of recovery we would still be doing I chose the lesser known route of conservative management, photonic red light therapy, changed her diet from the ground up and found out about the Posh Dog Knee Brace!

Enjoy this video that speaks to this. I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions as I’ve been documenting her progress since the beginning. She has now been in this recovery for 226 days total with a re-ingury making a new total of days 116 and the last 54 using the brace. She is stable but still has months more of recovery.

We even have cool hand painted black/white “Twizzle” t-shirts to raise funds for her recovery and awareness to the alternate methods of handling your dogs life threatening knee injuries. Send a request to info@freeproductionsllc.com

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