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SUPPLEMENTS: Pashas Healthy Daily Dog CCL Injury Supplements

We are the only Dog knee brace site who offers advice and tips on holistic and homeopathic supplements. We believe in natural healing. We use and  recommend the following products. We do not get paid from any of these companies, who do not even know we recommend their products. We are not part of any affiliate program. We have included links for your convenience, but feel free to look into other companies who sell the same products. As with all the content of this website, it is not to be construed as medical advice in any form. If you seek medical advice, consult with a veterinarian.

Daily Dog CCL Injury Supplements

In addition to wearing a Dog Knee Brace for a K9 torn knee ligament, Pasha is given a daily “cocktail” of high quality supplements which support healing, accelerate tissue repair, and help alleviate pain and inflammation in her injured knee. We use a mix of supplements, including Nupro Silver for Dogs with CCL or ACL Injuries. Nupro Silver is a fabulous, high quality nutritional complex supplement which contains glucosamine, kelp, shark cartilage, MSM and other ingredients which can help your Dog recover from a ligament injury along with a Dog stifle brace, exercise, and conservative management.

You can get Nupro Silver online.

Ever since Pasha suffered a complete rupture of the Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) in her left hind leg in 2013, part of her recovery has included a special, yet simple, daily “bone juice” which we give our 72 lb. Golden. She gets this once every AM and then the rest of her food throughout the day. (She fully recovered from her complete rupture over 14 months ago and no longer wears her Posh Dog Knee Brace).

Wearing a Dog knee brace for a canine CCL injury is just one part of the holistic approach and solution for a Dog ACL knee injury.

Here is our supplements recipe which we feed our 62 lb. girl daily:

  • 1 1/2  scoops of Nupro Silver powder
  • 1 chewable wafer containing MSM / marine derived glucosamine / 600 mg Green Lipped Sea Mussel – We used to list the company, but they refused to reciprocate with us, so we no longer promote them. 
  • 3 Squirts of Wild Alaskan Salmon oil
  • 4 oz DECAF green tea
  • 750 mg Olive Leaf Extract for arthritis, inflammation & MANY other health benefits.
  • 1 crushed tumeric pill (450 mg – 95% curcuminoids + black pepper for increased bioavailibility) . Get a formula with both pepper  & 95% curcuminoids.
  • 1 Green lipped mussel capsule by www.FoodScienceOfVermont.com  (Not needed if you do not buy the Glyco Flex, which has 600 mg of green lipped sea mussel)
  • 1 tsp of Spirulina powder from www.NowFoods.com Read these great two articles about Spirulina for Dogs: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/benefits-of-spirulina/ AND this one: http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/is-it-safe-to-give-dogs-spirulina/
  • Boswellia Extract – We buy from NowFoods.com
  • (For pain) White Willow Bark (natural aspirin) with pineapple bromelaine.

We buy the Nupro Silver from www.USBones.com. It comes in various sizes. This outstanding nutritional supplement for joint and connective tissue health contains glucosamine, sea kelp, shark cartilage and other beneficial ingredients!

When combining Nupro Silver with Glyco-Flex 3, be sure not to exceed the ingredients, as there is ingredient redundancy in these products.

The Alaskan wild salmon oil offers a high concentration of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and in more effective concentrations and higher quality than traditional fish oil.

Shop around for the spirulina, green lipped mussel, and tumeric to get the best pricing.

Some credible websites recommend UP TO 500 MG of glucosamine per 25 pounds of body weight. It may be a good idea to gradually build up to the appropriate dosage over a few weeks. Please read the entire article, particularly the section about contraindications. BTW this site has lots of truthful and outstanding articles about Dog Health – a must read!

We give our Golden baby 4 oz of DECAF green tea in her bone juice, since it is so beneficial for preventing cancer and overall health, BUT it MUST be decaf – caffeine can be very dangerous for Dogs! BTW check back soon for tips on avoiding and treating cancer in Dogs.

Remember that helping a Dog recover from a partial or complete rupture of the ACL involves more than just a well-built custom Dog knee brace or Dog stifle brace for a canine knee injury from Posh Dog Knee Brace, it also involves nutritional supplements and conservative management! Look for our upcoming blog about this.

Wishing your Dog a long, healthy and fulfilled life! Give your beautiful Dog a BIG hug from all of us at PoshDogKneeBrace.com!

Update # 1: In addition to giving Pasha DECAF [caffeine will harm Dogs!] green tea each day as an anti-cancer measure, we’ve also added a daily capsule of medicinal mushrooms: Reishe, Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms. Even though Pasha does not have cancer, given her age, we are introducing herbs and other confirmed, safe, anti-cancer agents to her daily routine. 

We learned about this amazing mushroom mixture, used by Eastern (real) doctors for many centuries, at AnimalWellnessMagazine.com, a fabulous magazine that promotes REAL heath, and NOT big-pharma, 100% profit-based “health” in Dogs! 

Update # 2: Although she presents with no symptoms of cancer or malignancies, and as apreventative measure, and after spending >> hundreds << of hours researching confirmed alternative and authentic treatments for cancer (many say cures), each day we give Pasha 6 crushed, raw, unpasteurized apricot kernels which we buy from ApricotPower.com These MUST be unpasteurized seeds, since pasteurization removes most nutrients from any food. Just search LongLivingPets.com to learn more, or search “laetrile cures cancer”. Apricot seeds have a very high density of naturally occurring laetrile.

Update #3:  Now That Pasha is 13, she is no longer fond of mixing a lot of the foregoing supplements in decaf green tea. We now give her supplements wrapped (hidden) in fresh ground turkey “eggs,” i.e. Packed into about 2 tsp. of ground turkey. For the supplements in powder form, like the ground apricot seeds and Nupro Silver, we fill large gelatin capsules and wrap those with ground turkey. You can buy 500 large gelcaps on amazon for almost nothing.

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